This Is Us Season 4: Confirmed? Everything You Need To Know

This Is Us Season 4

The third season of This Is Us had just ended, and fans have started wondering about the fate of This Is Us Season 4. The season ended with quite a lot of emotional journey. However, it left a pretty big space for the sequel.

This Is Us is a dramedy (comedy-drama) series created by Dan Fogelman for NBC. The series revolves around the Pearson family in different time frames. This is us made its debut in September 2016 and received a good response from the audience.

However, Will NBC renew the series for another run? What will happen in the next season? Who will return for next season? Let’s find answers to all such questions below.

What We Have Seen So Far?

The third season aired for 18 episodes and ended on April 2, 2019. Until the finale, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) are intact to their marriage after a lot of twists and turns throughout the season. Furthermore, Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) end up to hold their premature son Jack, named after Kate’s father.

The third season also introduced the audience with Beth’s backstory and even with her mother, Carol. Phylicia Rashad featured as Carol.

This Is Us Season 4: A Whole Lot of Rebecca

The final episode of season 3 was titled “Her.” It also revealed the mysterious ‘her’ that the whole Pearson family referred throughout the series. However, the audience got to know about Rebecca suffering from Dementia. Even her kids have just graduated from high school and are ready to join college.

The actress, Mandy Moore talked about her character. According to her, it’s a big lonely road that Rebecca is starting to travel, but she always comes out on top.

Dan Knows How The Show Will End

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fogelman stated that he knew the fate of the show even when he pitched the pilot episode. Moreover, he also shot some of the scenes from the series finale. The show’s lead, Mandy also backed up Fogelman that the ending will be very satisfying for people.

Pearson Family Tree Will Grow More and More

Dan Fogelman also stated that he has a big plan of expansion. According to him, ‘the show is intended to be the expansive ways our lives evolve and connect us with our people, and that starts happening more and more. However, he had not revealed who will join the next season, as a guest star or series regulars. But his statement probably directed us to see new faces in the upcoming season.

This Is Us Season 4: Due For Renewal

This Is Us season 3 had its finale just around the corner. However, it came out pretty good. Even the show has racked up for many Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. Hence, NBC will undoubtedly renew the show soon. The audience is also waiting for the good news to hear as early as possible. Sterling K. Brown also recently tweeted to come back in September 2019, concreting the message for renewal soon.


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