Travelers Season 4: What Happens After Cliffhanger? Renewal & Premiere

Travelers Season 4

For all the fans of science-fiction genre around the world, Travelers has always held a special place in their heart. Travelers Season 3 have just ended, and everyone wants more of that, thus awaited for Travelers Season 4. The unique plot of the series has made it stand out of the other sci-fi show. The finale of the third season has also risen some troubles for the show.

The show focuses on ‘travelers’ whose conscious minds are hurled back in time. This is done in order to take over the bodies of people in the minutes before their deaths. Moreover, these Travelers have the duty to save the world from a post-apocalyptic future.

What Happened In The Nail-Biting Finale Of Season 3?

Travelers Season 4

The finale of Season 3 saw the roller-coaster ride of action. The finale episode saw a bold move which might have horrible consequences. The episode featured a reset that could end up as a whole new journey to a new era. Otherwise, it might end up offending the audience by destroying everything Travelers have gained in the past few years. The loss will include their relations, moments and shocking deaths. The whole scenario has ended up like a big mess – therefore a clean-up is required by Travelers Season 4.

We saw Mac travelling behind 17 years into the body of his current host. Mac then sends an email to the Director which read – Traveler program will fail. Do not send 001. Later, we saw the Traveler Program version one stating – Fail.

The extinction of humans is at sake and Director is trying whatever he can. However, the consciousnesses extended to be transmitted from the dark future. We might think it as a positive sign. A lot of efforts are required to save humanity. So, either this will be a new beginning or an end to the cause.

Speculations Of Travelers 2.0 in Travelers Season 4

Speculations of Traveler Program Version 2 in season 4 have surfaced on Reddit. Well! This might come as a shock, but the idea of Travelers in prior three seasons as ‘trial run’ has come around. Moreover, these Travelers and the task is an imminent algorithm of artificial intelligence, the theory suggested.

Another critical scenario in this discussion is the plot that Traveler Program Version 2 will feature in Season 4. This will follow-up the work of prior version. Eliminating threat and efforts in saving humanity from extinction will be pursued by Travelers 2.0.

What is going to be the next step by the Director? Will Travelers lose everything they have gained till now? How is this new version of Travelers going to find a way to endure connection with the past? The answers to these questions are still unknown. Thus Travelers Season 4 is one of the most anticipated shows of Netflix.

Will Netflix Renew The Series For Travelers Season 4?

Eric McCormack who portrays the character of Grant MacLaren also expressed his thoughts for Season 4. McCormack replied to a tweet of a fan saying – Eagerly awaiting news of a Travelers Season 4 from Netflix. To that McCormack tweeted – So are we, Em. So are we.

The media giant always had a straight rule for the renewal of their shows – Numbers (Which they keep hidden, classic!). The ending of Season 3 has set the mood for more. However, some people consider it a possible conclusion of the show, if Travelers doesn’t get renewed for its fourth instalment. Netflix has yet not provided with any updates about the show. Everyone is eager to know the fate of Travelers, so that an announcement can be expected soon.