Vikings Season 6: New Cast, Spin-off, Last Season Confirmed & Premiere Date

Vikings Season 6 - Final Season
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Vikings Season 6 will bring the battle home for one last time. Yes! You read that right. History has renewed its war drama for Season 6. However, this is also going to be last season of the series.

History renewed its one of the most anticipated show for the sixth season even before the premiere of Season 5. However, the joy of another season didn’t last too long. The news of its sixth installment being the last season spoiled the mood. So, for the final battle of the show, here’s every update for Vikings Season 6.

Eric Johnson Will Join The Cast Of Vikings Season 6

Eric Johnson will be joining the battle in Vikings Season 6. Johnson is known for his characters in Fifty Shades Darker and The Knick. Deadline has reported that Johnson will pursue the role of Erik. Erik is a fearful warrior who is an outlaw living on his banter and martial skills. Watching Johnson portraying such an intimidating character will be fascinating. The finale of Season 5 is going to premiere on 30th January 2019. So, we can safely presume that there will be a long wait before we can see Johnson in action.

Possibility Of A Spin-off

So it seems like the creators of Vikings are not ready to let go of the show. Speculations of a spin-off show from Vikings have surfaced. Michael Hirst, the creator of the show, and the Vikings team are in conversations with the production studio, MGM Television about a potential spinoff. This spinoff will supposedly pursue with the Vikings’ saga.

There’s another good news in this aspect. Speculations of The Fugitive and Die Hard writer Jeb Stuart would be joining with Hirst for this spin-off.

Shooting Has Completed For Vikings Season 6

Filming for Season 6 of Vikings is over. The filming of the series began well before the premiere of the second half of the show. However, the show requires a lot of VFX work, which takes a lot of time. So, we can presume that a lot of post-production work is still left for the series. Being the last season of the show, the responsibility of leading it to a conclusion will be the prior job.

The Fate Of Queen Lagertha In Season 6

Vikings Season 6
History Network

The second part of Vikings Season 5 saw a dramatic change in the character of Queen Lagertha. Firstly, she got disappeared from the show. Later, when she came back, she had a very strange look, having aged dramatically.

This led to the considerations of the demise of Queen Lagertha. However, being such a powerful and loved the character, it will be quite tricky to let her go. As Season 6 is going to be the final installment of the show, we can presume that Lagertha will feature in it. However, nothing is inevitable as the finale of Season 5 has yet not aired.

Premiere Date Of Vikings Season 6

History has not revealed any premiere date of the Vikings Season 6. The show is expected to follow the pattern of the prior season by releasing in two parts. Moreover, Season 6 of the show is expected to premiere around the last quarter of 2019.


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