Whiskey Cavalier Season 2: What Is Happening With The Show? Inside Details & More

Whiskey Cavalier Season 2

After the cancellation of The Fix, The Kids are Alright, and many more shows, ABC added another name in its cancellation list. Unfortunately, Whiskey Cavalier Season 2 did not make it out alive of ABC’s crusher.

Whiskey Cavalier is an action dramedy shows of ABC, created by David Hemingson. The show follows the adventures of FBI agent Will Chase codenamed Whiskey Cavalier. The agent is assigned to work with CIA operative Francesca Trowbridge codenamed Fiery Tribune. The show debuted on February 27, 2019.

Why Whiskey Cavalier Got Canceled?

The show received quite good reviews from the audience and critics. However, the decline in viewership and rating by the second half of the season reached an all-time low for it. This resulted in the cancellation of the show. On May 12, 2019, the executive producer Bill Lawrence confirmed the cancellation news via his official twitter handle. The cancellation took place before the show even concluded its first season.

Whiskey Cavalier Season 2: Hopes For The Renewal

After hearing the cancellation news of the show, the dedicated fans felt tore down. However, they also initiated some online campaigns using #SaveWhiskeyCavalier in the hope of the second chance. They also launched petitions in an attempt to pull of renewal by ABC or by any other interested networks.

Meanwhile, according to reports, ABC network is re-considering their decision on Whiskey Cavalier Season 2. That is because the last two episodes of the debut season saw a significant increase in not only ratings but viewership. Also, the rise was as strong as its debut episode.

Moreover, Lawrence also took a shot and urged the fans to watch the final episode. Even he wants the show to receive renewal as he stated: “make this a ‘season’ finale and not a ‘series’ finale.”

Therefore, there are chances that the show might renew for another season. Here are some responses of the hardcore fans of the show on the cancellation news.

What Could Happen In Whiskey Cavalier Season 2?

The first season saw secret agents Will Chase, played by Scott Foley, and Frankie Trowbridge, played by Lauren Cohan. Together, they lead an inter-agency team of amusing and brave spies who periodically save the world. They even save each other while navigating the hardships of friendship, romance, and office politics.

In the final episode of the season, the duo was forcefully sent on a mission to steal a laptop from the Russian finance minister. To enforce his edict, Ollerman (Dylan Walsh) activated a device in Paul (Joe Doyle) that had been secretly implanted. No more Paul.

A distraction was created, and the Ollerman exchanged affected on the Russian minister’s case. But Tina (Marika Dominczyk), Ollerman’s mole, had other ideas. She managed to lock up everyone in an anteroom while she headed out to execute the Russian, Kirlov. However, a chair spun around to reveal Standish (Tyler James Williams), who used his firearm to dispose of Tina.

Later, Susan (Ana Ortiz), Will, and Ray (Josh Hopkins) tried to locate Ollerman’s location, but Ollerman decided to end his own life. He falls through a damaged window and apparently killed himself. However, there was some unfinished business left. In the next morning, Frankie finds Will at a lookout. Their conversation, fueled by some sensuous pastry, turned intimate. But unfortunately, the scene suddenly changed to New York, where Standish (Tyler James Williams) leaves Will a voicemail message, telling him Tina was Emma’s killer. Meanwhile, Ollerman reprises back and stabs him, probably killed him.

Therefore, there is quite some possible range for the plot of Whiskey Cavalier Season 2. If the show revives for another run, the audience will see the fate of Will and Frankie along with the conclusion of Ollerman, maybe.

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