Yellowstone Season 3: Beth Will Find A Lover? First Look, Cast & Spoilers

Yellowstone Season 3
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Yellowstone Season 3 is the most highly awaited television series for the fans. After its back to back seasons in 2018 and 2019, fans are wondering when season 3 of the series will hit the screens. Yellowstone features the Western story of the present time. John Dutton possesses the largest adjacent ranch in the United States.

It is a must-watch drama that witnesses how the Duttons deal with the threats of external sources such as land developers, Indian reservations, and America’s first national park- Yellowstone. Fans appreciated past seasons, and the upcoming season is full of expectations.

Yellowstone Season 3: Spoilers!

Fans know that John Dutton and his family were struggling for survival in season 2. They had to deal with dubious partnerships, disloyalties, and enemies. The previous season ended with Tate’s kidnapping. Spoilers tease that third season will focus on Tate and what happened to him. The family will endeavor to recover Tate from his traumatic experiences.

Also, it seems that fans will get answers about Beth and John. They hate Jamie, and fans don’t know the reason. The creators and the cast have already hinted that they didn’t play save this season, and the plot will consist of dramatic twists. In the end, Yellowstone Season 3 will bring the Dutton family drama on another stunning level that fans will love.

First Look Video!

Yellowstone Season 3 has launched the first look video of the show. The video features Beth Dutton, who meets Roarke, a debuting character. When Beth finds that someone is trespassing on the Dutton’s river, she orders him to get out with her colourful language. It doesn’t matter to Roarke, and he takes it as an insult. Fans will witness a titbit kind of conversation between them. Spoilers tease that Beth may have found her soulmate in Roarke’s form. Have you watched the video? What is your guess, will they end up forming a couple?

Yellowstone Season 3: Cast Updates!

The entire old cast including Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Forrie R Smith, and Dinam Richards are returning with the upcoming season. There are cast updates also. Josh Holloway, who is featured as Roarke Carter in the first look video is debuting the show. The reports say he is a fund manager in Montana. John Emmet Tracey will play the role of Ellis Steele, Ellis is a chief litigator. His firm represents Fortune 500 companies in land deals.

Q’orianka Kilcher is a former star of The Alienist. She is joining the cast as Angela Blue Thunder- A Native American and Thomas Rainwater’s political opponent. Further, Jennifer Landon will play a female wrangler named Teeter.

Yellowstone Season 3

Yellowstone Season 3 Release Date

Well, the official release date is yet undercover but wait. With the help of chronology of past seasons, let us guess the premiere date. Season one premiered on 20th June 2018. The next season release on 19th June 2019. Can we believe that Yellowstone Season 3 will premiere on 18th June 2020? So the upcoming season will release somewhere in Summer. What a joy if this assumption works. We will update you with more details. Till then, please stay tuned to us!

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