General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar Needs A Miracle, Another Doctor To Be a Life Saver?

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers tease that the experimental trial by Ryan Chamberlain in order to give relief to Oscar Nero in his tumor failed to work out and Oscar’s diagnosis hasn’t seen any change for better. The failure of new effort diminishes the hope of any miracle for Oscar.

GH Spoilers – Oscar And Josslyn Making Plans

The last episode saw Oscar rolling over with a vibrant spirit and was making some plans with Josslyn on the New Year. He and Joss have some huge ideas for the longest day of the year, i.e., for June 21. They were enjoying their time of making plans until Kim and Drew revealed that the experimental treatment didn’t work out. Learning from Kim and Drew about the failure of therapy, Oscar will need Joss beside him to lean on in this tough time.

Fans of Oscar will also get hurt knowing that Oscar might not live longer and the young boy will die soon. However, they are hoping for a miracle to happen that can save Oscar’s life. On the other hand, the writers of the soap can bring a surprising turn with the entry of Dr Patrick Drake in Port Charles to save Oscar’s life from the deadly tumor.

While Dr. is in California with Robin and their two kids, once in a while, Robin and Emma Scorpio are seen in Port Charles but not Dr., and it seems he will not anytime soon unless a new actor is cast to play the character.

General Hospital Spoilers – Will Oscar Overcome From Cancer?

The absence of Patrick can put Oscar’s health in danger, and only the makers would know the young boy will survive or not! The fans are oscillating between hearing a good and a piece of bad news related to Oscar. However, there are still chances for a miracle to happen that can save the boy from being dead.

Josslyn’s Inclination Towards Cameron

Josslyn shares a good equation with not only Oscar but Cameron also, and in case, if the young boy failed to survive, she would make a pair with another teen. Now, Oscar has no hope to survive, but anything can happen in soap life and chances of him not dying are still there.

And if Patrick doesn’t appear in the town, there is still hope for Oscar in another neurosurgeon in the city. After Patrick’s exit, Griffin Munro took his place as the neurosurgeon, but he is also absent from his work since the loss of Kiki. If he saved Oscar’s life from the tumor, then he can bring his career back on track.

To know whether Oscar will survive the tumor or not, stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.