Little People Big World: Amy Shares Thanksgiving Pictures With Her Kids

Little People Big World

Little People Big World: After a long struggle with a failed marriage and all the doubts and fears, Amy Roloff is finally getting to enjoy some good moments with family. She has made a move to her new place. Of course, she found her dream home after a great deal of struggle. The Roloff family recently celebrated Thanksgiving at her new place. Well, at least some members were present. She shared some warm family pictures. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Little People Big World: Amy’s Recent Thanksgiving Post

There is one specialty about Amy that we have got to acknowledge. She always keeps her fans updated about what’s going on in her life. Whether it is happy or sad, fans always seem to know what’s going on with her. She has been posting pictures of Thanksgiving 2019. It shows that the Roloffs are really close to each other. Of course, this is something we have already know for a while from watching Little People Big World.

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Thanks giving weekend came and went. 🍁🍂🧡🍂🍁. What a special time it was to spend with some of my kids and Chris when he was able to come over on Saturday. I was reminded how blessed and thankful I am and everyday. Jeremy, Audrey and Ember spent thanksgiving with Audrey’s family in Bend. Near or far, family and friends, it truly was a time just being thankful for the moment and time I had with those I love. From abundant food, to watching movies, conversations, nap, family walk, shopping, seeing my house, reading, wine, coffee, deserts, sleeping in a little … made the weekend memorable. Im reminded again, as well, there’s always something to be thankful for everyday. I hope y’all all had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday. And I’m thankful for you as well. 🧡. Are you ready for Christmas? Well, it’s beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas, every where I go🎄🎁😊🎁🎄 #thanksgingweekend #christmas #iscomingsoon #wonderfultimeofyear #allaboutfamilyandfriends #everyoneelsetoo #thankful #grateful #humble #love

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Amy wrote the caption stating what she is thankful for. She stated that it was a very special experience for her as she got to spend time with family. The holiday reminded her of how blessed she is. Jeremy and Audrey were celebrating Thanksgiving with little Ember in Bend with Audrey’s family.

We also got to see some pictures of Tori’s baby girl. Even though only Zach and Tori are regulars on the show, the rest of the family always remains in close contact. Molly lives far aways, and Jeremy and his wife parted from the show a long time ago. They only come on the set for special occasions.

Little People Big World: Matt Is Out of Town

While Amy celebrated Thanksgiving with family, Matt was gone out of town with his travel buddy. His girlfriend Caryn is celebrating the holiday with her parents. It seems like all the tension between the Roloff family has subsided. Matt is happy for Amy being engaged with Chris. He even congratulated her after she revealed the news.

Earlier, when Amy’s memoir got released, she revealed some pretty nasty things about Matt. Even though she didn’t mention the names, Amy implied that Matt was cheating on her with their farm manager. This invited a lot of hate for him. However, the hate comments subsided as other events in the Roloff family came into the limelight.

This year was a roller coaster for Amy filled with happy and sad moments. The tragic loss of her mother left her heartbroken. On the other hand, she expressed her gratitude to the time she got to spend with her. Stay tuned for more Little People Big World news!

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