Year Of The Rabbit Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? Writers Reveal Ideas

Year Of The Rabbit Season 2
Channel 4

Fans already want Detective Inspector Rabbit to be back on the screens again. But will Channel 4 give him another chance? Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 is currently in demand after the spectacular season finale. Viewers didn’t take long to question the makers about the renewal. Here’s what they’ve answered alongside everything you need to know about Year Of The Rabbit Season 2.

Year Of The Rabbit took the comedy world by storm right when it debuted on Channel 4 in the UK and on IFC in the United States. The show casts a stellar set of actors including the three Victorian detectives, Matt Berry, Freddie Fox, and Susan Wokoma. Berry is also one of the executive producers and plays the lead character of  Detective Inspector Eli Rabbit. Fox and Wokoma as Wilbur and Mabel, accompany him on this wild and hilarious journey of criminal investigations on the streets of London in 1887.

Year Of Rabbit Season 2: Renewal

Matt Berry’s black comedy ran for six episodes which indeed weren’t enough for the fans. The demand for Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 grew soon after the finale of the first season. While Channel 4 remains quiet about the renewal, showrunners express that they are already planning for the future. Show creators Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley spoke to Digital Spy about the possibility of a second season.

Year Of The Rabbit Season 2
Channel 4

The two of them express that they’ve already made a few plans for Year Of The Rabbit Season 2. Cecil elaborates that if not all, they’ve sketched out some of the stories for S2. Moreover, the entire team is waiting for a nod (renewal) from Channel 4 to begin working on it. As per speculations, the sitcom performed pretty well to return for another run.

Who’s Returning For Season 2?

The cast and characterization paid a huge part in the success of Channel 4’s sitcom. Every character bears much importance to the script and fans hope that most of them return in the upcoming season. Luckily, the creators do plan to bring back a lot of them. Although, they agree that they’ve killed off many characters already.

Year Of The Rabbit Season 2
Channel 4

Kevin Cecil plans to sit down with Matt Berry to decide what happens with his character next. Moreover, he adds that he would want to bring back Keeley Hawes as Lydia if it suits the script. Although, he’s not sure about Jemaine Clement, as the actor has a busy schedule. Nevertheless, he’ll attempt to ask him to return. Clement appeared in a surprise cameo towards the end of the season finale.

Year Of The Rabbit Season 2: Release Date

The network is yet to renew Year Of The Rabbit Season 2. Hence, it’s currently very difficult to predict a release date. Although, the series is unlikely to return this year itself. The fans may have to wait until 2020 to watch their favorite show. Moreover, we hope that Channel 4 renews the sitcom and give us a date to mark on our calendars.

The Channel 4 series is a crazy mixture of black comedy and investigation thriller. Matt Berry’s character, Detective Inspector Eli Rabbit, is hilarious and someone that fans will remember for years. After the way Season 1 performed, viewers now have higher expectations from the makers of the show. Hence, we hope that the second installment happens to be funnier than the debut.


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