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General Hospital

Behind the Scenes: 8 Surprising Facts from General Hospital Set

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By Hanshika

Cop Uniforms in Wardrobe

The set is filled with numerous clothes, including cop uniforms, showcasing the extensive wardrobe due to the large cast and frequent filming.


Glued Pens at the Nurse's Station

Pens at the nurse's station are glued down, providing an interesting behind-the-scenes detail that adds authenticity to the hospital setting.


Folders with Scribbles

The folders carried by characters contain actual scribbles, revealing an amusing detail about the seemingly important documents on the show.


Consistent Nurse Station Scenes

All nurse station scenes are shot in the same area, with changes like elevator numbers and floor signs creating the illusion of different locations.


Ian Buchanan's Nose Waxing

Actor Ian Buchanan, who played Duke Lavery, would wax his nose, offering a surprising grooming detail from behind the scenes.


Extended Filming Hours

General Hospital actors endure long hours on set, filming an impressive 80 pages in a day compared to other shows that film only about 10 pages.


Ginger Ale Substitutes for Champagne

During drinking scenes, actors often use ginger ale to mimic champagne, showcasing the creative solutions employed for realistic portrayals.


Close Proximity to Grey's Anatomy Set

The sets of General Hospital and Grey's Anatomy are located close to each other, raising questions about potential interactions between the casts.


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