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The Bold And The beautiful

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has been a daytime TV staple since 1987, winning numerous awards and captivating viewers worldwide with its compelling characters and storylines.

Decades of Drama:

Created by William J. Bell, this thirty-minute soap stands out for its international appeal, offering captivating narratives about the Forrester family and their fashion empire.

Soap Opera Innovation:

John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang, portraying Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan, have been integral to the show since its inception, becoming household names due to their iconic roles.

Iconic Duo:

Airing since 1987, the soap has become a global sensation, drawing an estimated 26.2 million viewers from over 100 countries and maintaining its popularity for over 33 years.

Global Phenomenon:

"The Bold and the Beautiful" remains a top-rated daytime drama, consistently attracting millions of viewers each week according to Nielsen Ratings, thanks to its captivating storylines and beloved characters.

Enduring Popularity:

With 31 Daytime Emmy Awards, the show stands out for its exceptional storytelling, compelling characters, and high production values, solidifying its place in television history.

Emmy Awards Dominance:

In 2011, the show switched to high definition, enhancing the viewing experience and reaching a wider audience, marking a significant milestone in its production.

HD Transition:

As the youngest U.S. daytime soap since its 1987 premiere, "The Bold and the Beautiful" has surpassed 10,000 episodes, becoming one of the world's longest-running and acclaimed soap operas.

Youthful Longevity:

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