Date A Live Season 4: Release Date Delayed? Date A Bullet Spin-Off Confirmed!

Date A Live Season 4

Fans hoping for another season of their favorite anime will have to wait longer than they expected. Like its previous installment, Date A Live Season 4 will take a while to be back at the screens again. Luckily, as a compensation, viewers will get to watch a DAL spin-off series. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Date A Live originated as a light novel series back in 2011 and became an instant hit. It was soon adapted as a manga series a year later. Due to its popularity, AIC Plus+ studio decided to produce an anime adaptation of the LN series. In 2013, the first season debuted and performed better than expected. Hence, a second installment premiered soon after. However, the anime then went into a five-year-long hiatus until the release of Season 3 in 2019.

Date A Live Season 4

Why Was DAL Season 3 Delayed?

The third season of the romantic comedy anime took five years to hit the screens. Its first episode aired in January 2019 and ran until March of the same year. One of the main cause of delay was the change in studios. The anime switched production studios after Season 1. IMS studio picked up the second season; however, they soon abandoned the series due to bankruptcy. This stalled the productions for a while.

Luckily, the third season was then tossed to J.C. Staff studio. The productions began soon after. However, the installment took a while to complete. As of now, J.C. Staff currently acquires the right to create more seasons of the anime adaptation.

Date A Live Season 4

Will ‘Date A Live Season 4’ Ever Come Out?

After the long-awaited third season of the anime, the demand for ‘Date A Live Season 4’ intensively increased. Fans are currently wondering if J.C. Staff will create another installment of their favorite series. Towards the end of 2019, the studio gave out a few hints about an upcoming project. Viewers were hoping it to be the fourth season; however, it turned out to be a DAL spin-off. As of now, J.C. Staff is yet to announce the renewal of Season 4.

The anime gained much popularity with the return of the third season. Hence, chances for the renewal of ‘Date A Live Season 4’ are pretty high, as of now. The studio may not skip up the potential success it can bring in. Besides, fans expect the anime to continue until the light novel series ends.

Date A Live Season 4

Is There Enough Source Material To Create Season 4?

As of January 2020, the DAL light novel series contains 21 volumes in total. The first three installments adapted the plot of the first twelve volumes. Hence, the studio has enough source material to cover in Date A Live Season 4. In fact, as per the current anime format, the fourth season may only adapt Volume 13 through Volume 15, including some skipped parts of Volume 12.

With the remaining content, the studio can also create a fifth installment of the popular anime. However, its renewal highly depends upon the performance of the DAL Season 4 and Date A Bullet spin-off series.

Date A Bullet Spin-off Series: Release Date

Back in 2019, series creator Koushi Tachibana teased the fans with a tweet announcing that a new ‘Date A Live’ project is underway. One month before the release of Volume 21 of the light novel series, J.C. Staff announced the renewal of a DAL spin-off anime. It is called ‘Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet.’ The production for the series has already begun. As per speculations, Date A Bullet may premiere sometime around mid to late 2020.

Date A Bullet Season 4: Release Date Delayed?

Like Season 3 of the anime adaptation, Date A Live Season 4 can also face a major delay in release. As of now, J.C. Staff is currently working on the production of the Date A Bullet spin-off series. Hence, the studio may take a while to begin working on the fourth season. As per possibilities, the productions for Season 4 will only start after the debut of ‘Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet’ anime.

Currently, the fourth season has little to no chances for release before 2021. However, fans must remain patient and wait for an official renewal first.

Do you want Date A Live Season 4? What are your expectations from the Date A Bullet spin-off series? Share with us in the comments below.

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