Deadman Wonderland Season 2: Release Date, Latest Updates 2018

deadman wonderland season 2

Fans are eagerly waiting for Deadman Wonderland Season 2, but the question is that will there be a season 2? Deadman Wonderland is an epic, suspense-filled, action thriller animated series based on the Japanese horror manga of the same name. The Deadman Wonderland episode 1 was premiered on 17th April 2011 on Chiba TV and TV Kanagawa and was later broadcasted on Funimation and Adult Swim in the US.

This epic Japanese Manga is written by Jinsei Kataoka and illustrated by Kazuma Kondou. The first season consisted of 12 episodes and was based on first 14 chapters of the anime, the season was aired between April 17, 2011, to July 3, 2011, in Japan. The series got a good response from the fans and earned good ratings (7.5 IMDb ratings). And fans wanted that the series must have another season.

What We Saw in Deadman Wonderland Season 1.

deadman wonderland season 2 release date

The Deadman Wonderland started with an interesting plot, with the main lead of the series Ganta Igarashi. The sci-fi plot states that in a devastating earthquake almost 70% of Japan sunk into the water. 10 years later Ganta was accused of killing all his classmates of Nagano Prefecture’s middle school. However, a strange red man covered with blood killed all the students except Ganta.

Later Ganta was found guilty and was sent to Deadman Wonderland prison where the main plot starts. The prison had a ritual if you want to survive you have to play dangerous games. Ganta survived as he wants to find the Red Man and prove his innocence. Moreover, in his search for the real culprit, Ganta developed the ability to manipulate his own blood and finally become prison’s Deadmen.On his search, he finds about the dark secrets that the prison authorities are hiding from the world.

Updated on 13/04/2018: The producing studio Manglobe went bankrupt in September 2015. The studio has a total debt of 350 million Yen, so don’t hope the second season will come out unless some miracle happens. It is really disappointing for both of us.

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Deadman Wonderland Season 2 release date

Many websites rumored, about the release date of Deadman Wonderland Season 2. It was rumored that season 2 will be premiered in April 2017, however, no official comment from Manglobe Inc. is made. Manglobe Inc. is the company which produces the anime series. Although, if  Deadman Wonderland Season 2 happens it would be interesting to see how the plot takes the pace and will Ganta finds the strange Red Man and proof his innocence? We hope if it happens the story must be more gripping and thrilling.

deadman wonderland season 2

Why are Possibilities of Deadman Wonderland Season 2 very low?

If one has read the anime series they will know that season 1 had many plot holes and missed some of the major characters and storylines which play some crucial roles in the anime. There were three main characters which didn’t get space in the animated series. In the second chapter Ganta meets a girl named Azami Mido, she tells him about how and why he needs to earn points to buy food. She helps Ganta in knowing about the prison’s system throughout the chapter.

In chapter 8 is Masaru “Chaplin” Sukegawa a transgender character was introduced in the anime, this dude has a very heart touching story about his past which fans would love to know about. Chapter 8 also introduced a fun watching character named Idaki Hitara a one-eyed old man. If these characters would be included in the season 1 the series might be more exciting and happening or the writers might have planned to introduce them in Deadman Wonderland Season 2 which don’t seem to be happening right now.

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