Log Horizon Season 3: October 2020 Release & Everything To Know

Log Horizon Season 3

Fans were all expecting Log Horizon Season 3 to come out in 2016. However, it’s already 2020, and we haven’t heard anything major about the anime’s return. Luckily, the Log Horizon light novels have begun publishing again. Hence, we can finally see some hope for the future of the anime adaptation. Aside from all rumors and speculations from around the internet, here’s everything we know about the new season.

The first season of the popular anime debuted back in 2014 and turned out to be a huge success. Hence, the studio soon released a second installment as well by 2015. However, Log Horizon then fell into a long hiatus has continued for around five years now. Luckily, chances for the return of the animated series seem pretty high now.

Update (30/01/2020) – Anime producer NHK has finally confirmed the release of Log Horizon Season 3. The latest installment will return in the fall 2020 anime season. While the studio has assured an October 2020 premiere, they’re yet to reveal the exact date. The makers may take a few months to announce the official air date.

Log Horizon Season 3

What Caused The Hiatus?

Due to the long hiatus, fans began to doubt the future of their favorite anime. In fact, until March 2018, none of the LN novels were published since 2015. The main reason behind the delay was the tax evasion scandal. The author of the Log Horizon light novel series, Mamare Touno, according to reports, was convicted of tax evasion. This led to a major controversy as his company was fined ¥ 7,000,000. On the other hand, Mamare was sentenced to 10 months in prison.

While media outlets claimed that the scandal may stall the publishing of the Log Horizon light novel, the author proved them wrong. Mamare’s house arrest did not affect his work, and he soon resumed his writing. By March 2018, he was ready with Volume 11 of his popular LN series.

Log Horizon Season 3

Will ‘Log Horizon Season 3’ Ever Come Out?

After the news of the scandal surfaced, the internet began to spread several rumors about Log Horizon Season 3. Some of such rumors claimed that anime is canceled, while others gave a release date that is already long gone. As of now, the studio has actually made no statement upon the renewal or cancellation of the installment. Hence, there’s currently no official confirmation for the series’ return.

However, due to several reasons, there is still hope for the anime’s return. One of the central reasons is Mamare’s interest in producing Log Horizon Season 3. As per reports, the author of the light novel series has stated numerous times that he is about to make at least one season. On the other hand, he plans to write around four more volumes of the LN until Volume 15. Hence, providing more content to make a third season of the popular anime.

Log Horizon Season 3
Volume 11

On the other hand, another primary reason for the return has to be its popularity. Log Horizon’s light novel series, manga series, and its anime adaptation are all extremely famous amongst the masses. The release of the anime series turned out to be a profitable step for NHK. Both its seasons performed exceptionally well with the audience and have high ratings. In fact, a third season is still in high demand from fans all around the globe. Hence, the studio may not take the risk of canceling a profitable show with high viewership expectations.

Is There Enough Source Material To Make ‘Log Horizon Season 3?’

As of today, the light novel series of Log Horizon has a total of eleven volumes. The first two 25-episode installments of the anime adaptation used the content of five volumes each. This leaves only Volume 11 for NHK to make another season. However, it’s almost impossible to make a full-season with just one volume of the source material.

Hence, as of now, the studio does not have enough content to create Log Horizon Season 5. However, Mamare Touno has confirmed that he wishes to continue the light novel series until Volume 15. If the author manages to write four more volumes, then the makers will finally have enough source material to conclude the storyline of Log Horizon with a third season.

Log Horizon Season 3

Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date

As of now, NHK has made no official comments on the release of Log Horizon Season 3. In fact, he is still working on Volume 12 of the light novel. Mamare may take a few years to create enough LN volumes to make the third season of the anime. Hence, fans may have to wait for the missing-four volumes to get the renewal. As per the current situations, it’s unwise to expect Season 3 anytime sooner than 2021 or 2022.

Update (30/01/2020) – As mentioned above, the studio has officially announced the release of the third season. Anime producer NHK confirms that Log Horizon Season 3 will hit the screens in October 2020. Currently, the NHK studio is yet to confirm the exact date. However, we promise to update this section as soon as the news is announced.

Are you excited for Log Horizon Season 3? What are your expectations from the new season? Tell us in the comments below.

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