Ouran HighSchool Host Club Season 2: Release Date Updates For 2018

Ouran HighSchool Host Club season 2

Ouran HighSchool Host Club is a Japanese harem, comedy and romantic anime series. The anime is based on the novel series of the same name written by Bisco Hatori. The anime ran in 2006 for 26 episodes and was the co-creation of Funimation and Madman Entertainment. As per the latest updates, the creator of the anime confirmed in March 2016 that he will be working on the content to pull out Ouran HighSchool Host Club Season 2.

The plot of the anime revolves around a young girl Haruhi Fujioka, who is a student at Ouran Academy. The Academy is a high school for rich kids. One day she stumbles upon Music Room 3 of the school, where she finds that the room is used by six male students to entertain female students of the school. During the encounter with the host club, she accidentally breaks a vase which costs 8 million Yen. In order to repay it, she becomes a member of the host club, and her masculine attire and posture make it easy for her to look like a boy. She gains quite a popularity amongst the girls due to a natural disposition towards the gender and her entertaining instincts.

The anime originally ran in the year 2006 and it has been more than 10 years since it ended, therefore it had very rare chances of continuation. But the announcement by Hatori may have confirmed the second season. He didn’t say too much, but all of it confirmed that Ouran HighSchool Host Club season 2 will be happening. Soon after that, in April 2016, one of the English voice actor of the show, Todd Haberkorn, posted a video where he said that the production team contacted him for the Ouran HighSchool Host Club season 2 and they will soon start working on it.

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Spoilers for The Ouran Highschool Host Club Season 2

According to the speculations of some fans, the season 2 of the anime will go with the students in the second year of the Ouran Academy. In the first season, Kuze gets acquainted with the Host club and with the football club of the academy. And his conversation with both the clubs led us to know that a field trip to France will take place in the second year of the Academy. The story will mostly follow the relationship of the twins and how the trip to France will help them to get back on good terms with each other again.

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 Ouran HighSchool Host Club season 2

Moreover in the first season viewers saw, Hiraku realized that how important is Tamaki to him and being with the friends of the host club. This was after Tamaki getting injured in the last episode of the first season. In the Ouran HighSchool Host Club Season 2 both, Tamaki and Hiraku will realize each other’s intentions and the feelings for Haruhi while also realizing about the friendship between the two. This will create a tensed plot in the second season, which may result in the instability in the Host Club. Also, the Tamaki and his father’s relationship are going bad as shown in the first season. With the instability in the Host Club and the tension between Tamaki and his father may cause him to make wrong choices which will greatly affect the story of the Ouran HighSchool Host Club season 2.

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The release date for Ouran HighSchool Host Club Season 2

It is been eleven years since the anime series debuted on the television but the recent updates by Bisco Hatori it is confirmed that the season 2 will happen soon. However, there has been no official announcement regarding the release of  Ouran HighSchool Host Club season 2, we are hoping it to be out by June 2018.


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