Prison School Season 2: When We Can Really Expect the Release

prison school season 2

The last reports about Prison School Season 2 teased that the next installment the anime series has been delayed, and fans are still curious whether there will be a season 2. The anime was directed by Tsutomu Mizushima and was praised by famous author Naoyuki Uchida for his brilliant work and asked him about the possible release date of the second season. Mizushima hinted with his tweet that the Prison School Season 2 release date has been pushed further.

The first season of the anime only had 12 episodes and as per the latest updates the manga is still ongoing and is currently on chapter 239. The latest 24th volume of the manga series was published on March 6, 2017. This clearly suggests that there is plenty of material to pull out another season.

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Moreover, there is another report about Prison School Season 2 which suggests that the anime is delayed and may not be possible at the moment, even if the director of the series, Mizushima, want to produce one. The report is supported by the reason that the director is occupied for the creation of a few anime series which mean his schedule is completely packed for the next few years. However, the manga version of Prison School is a huge success and creators will make a comeback.

prison school season 2

Prison School is a comedy anime adaptation on the manga series of the same name. The plot is set in Hachimitsu Private Academy, Tokyo. An all girls boarding schools which is known for its high standard of education and strict rules. But this year the administration has decided to break one of the rules and decides to enroll boys for mixed training.On the merit-based enrollment, only five boys make it through. Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Joe and Reiji are thrilled by the fact that they are the only 5 students among 1000 girls.

Moving on, Prison School season 2 is speculated to center around the adventures of the protagonist, Kiyoshi Fujino, at the academy. It has been also speculated that in upcoming season Kiyoshi will discover dark secrets of the student council. Moreover, the spoilers tease that Kiyoshi will be seen fighting against Shadow Student Council to destroy their evil plans for the girls of the boarding school.

Unfortunately, there has been no recent news about the Prison School Season 2 release date. For further updates stay tuned with us and never miss the premiere.