Rick And Morty Season 4 Is Full Of Adventures! Old Characters Return!

Rick And Morty Season 4

Rick And Morty Season 4 is greenlit and will soon arrive at our screens. April 1st has previously been lucky for the fans of this animated sitcom. After a surprise Season 3 release in 2017 and an 11-minute parody later in 2018, fans have kept a close eye on the day. However, we did not get a new season or parody this year. Show creator Justin Roiland finally announces the renewal of our favorite series.

On the April Fool’s Day of this year, Roiland makes an Instagram post stating that Season 4 is happening. He adds that the new season is amazing and it will soon be available to watch. The renewal was a piece of big news for the fans that have been waiting for a while now.

Rick and morty season 4

Initially premiered in 2013, the show has gathered a much loyal fanbase by the time Season 3 released. The show is a combination of a plethora of exciting genres making it an animated sci-fi black comedy full of adventures. The story of the show talks about the adventures of the Smith family. It focuses on the 14-year old teenager Morty and his mad and alcoholic scientist grandfather.

Rick And Morty Season 4: Morty’s Pet Dog Snuffles Will Be Back?

The new season is going to be epic, as it will soon mark the return of the cutest dog in the world. Morty’s former pet dog, Snuffles might return in Rick And Morty Season 4. Series co-creator Justin Roiland recently uploaded a picture of his pet dogs alongside the official renewal of the show. Roiland’s pet dogs are the real inspiration behind the TV character.

Justin rarely posts a picture of his pets on his social media. Hence, this picture along with the official comeback seems vague. However, it may be a hint that Snuffles the dog is going to return in the next season. The news is yet to be confirmed.

Rick And Morty Season 4: Mr. Poopybutthole And Mr. Meeseeks Will Return?

Many of the previous episodes have hinted the return of several fan-favorite characters. The possibilities for the arrival of a few are high in Season 4. They may even have some important roles to play in the new season. Otherwise, we may get a few cameos just to bring them to screen.

Mr. Poopybutthole is one of the favorite and funniest characters in the show. However, he has only been a recurring character since he was shot by Beth. Moreover, he has been in a few post-credits scenes as well. He is extremely popular among the fans and showrunners still have several mysteries to solve related to him. Hence, we may get to see him in a few episodes of Season 4.

On the other hand, Mr. Meeseeks may also make a comeback in the upcoming season of Rick And Morty. Being one of the most memorable characters, Mr. Meeseeks deserves another cameo in the new installment. He had previously appeared in the second season and chances of his return are high.

Rick And Morty Season 4: When Is It Going To Release?

Rick And Morty’s showrunners have been very choosy when it comes to selecting a release date. All of the previous seasons have released on entirely different dates. Hence, it is difficult to predict a premiere date for now. However, ‘Rick And Morty Season 4’ is guaranteed to air in 2019, and as per some speculations, it may come out by the fall of this year.

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