Triple Frontier 2: People Will Come Looking For Their Money, Possibilities of Sequel

Triple Frontier 2

The end scene of Triple Frontier left the audience in a wide range of hope for a sequel. But will Netflix order another installment of the movie that is still a big question. However, the fans are eagerly expecting an announcement for ‘Triple Frontier 2.’

Triple Frontier is Netflix’s latest mega-star driven release. The movie starred Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, Charlie Hunnam, and Pedro Pascal. J. C. Chandor directed the action thriller film. The movie premiered on Netflix on March 13, 2019.

But what leads the movie for its sequel? What has happened in Triple Frontier? What is likely to occur in Triple Frontier 2? Let us know about it below. *Contains Spoilers for Triple Frontier*

How Triple Frontier Ending Set Up For A Sequel

Triple Frontier saw a group of former Special Forces militias who reunite to plan a heist job and take money of a South American crime lord. However, not everything goes as expected, and they end up strangled in the chaos made by them.

They succeed to take money from the crime lord and even killed him. However, the real challenge for the team is to fetch the money out of South America. That is because they took the money way more than they planned. Moreover, the team burned Lorea’s house while leaving along with the remaining money that was left. The access money weighed down their helicopter and resulted in a crash near cocaine plantation.

Triple Frontier 2

The team managed to survive the crash, but end up drawing attention as they’ve got a lot of money. After that, they battled throughout the journey to keep hold of the money. But the sudden death of Tom Davis aka Redfly (Ben Affleck) shook them all.

By the near end, they realized that they would not survive with full money. And the team throws the rest of the money off a cliff not far from the ocean. After that, they managed to bring back Redfly’s body back to his family and even donated the small portion of the money they bring back with them.

In the end, William Miller (Charlie Hunnam) aka Ironhead gives Pope (Santiago Garcia played by Oscar Isaac) the coordinates of the place where they left the rest of the money. He also said that “Maybe we can go do something good with it one day.”

What Will Happen in Triple Frontier 2?

Continuing to the end, Triple Frontier 2 will head up to collect the remaining cash from the bottom of the mountain. Pope has the coordinates and also the sources through which he can take off the money. However, it’s not that easy, as it seems. When they left Gabriel Martin (Adria Arjona) in the middle of their journey with his brother, she warned that the money was not only of Korea’s but also of many people. And they will come behind the team for their money. Gabriel was Pope’s pawn to achieve the mission.

This means that now the team has to deal with the people behind the money that is not even with them. The audience also expects that they will unite together again and fight for the money, as in the memory of Redfly who got shot while the mission.

Triple Frontier 2 Release & Updates

Triple Frontier recently streamed on Netflix. Moreover, there has not been any news until now about the renewal of the sequel. If the movie is renewed for another run, it could be scheduled for release in March 2020. Stay tuned for the latest ‘Triple Frontier 2’ updates.

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