90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Matto Restarts Fart Jar Business Despite Hospitalization

90 Day Fiance


Stephanie Matto has been a consistent star in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Her journey began when she appeared in the show with her girlfriend, Erika Owens. Despite their various attempts to make their relationship work, it just didn’t happen. Later, Matto went on to star in many other spin-offs like 90 Day Diaries, The Single Life, and so on. Well, there was one more thing after which the castmate became a trending internet sensation. Oddly enough, she started her strange business. It involved her farting into jars and selling them to people on the internet. She earlier stopped doing this after a case of serious hospitalization. But it looks like Stephanie is ready to risk it all as she is back in business! Keep reading to know more details.

90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Matto Ready To Risk Her Health By Selling Fart Jars Again?

Stephanie Matto has been in the limelight since her days on 90 Day Fiance. However, she became a trending sensation after her TikTok videos. It turns out that Stephanie started selling jars that would contain her farts. Believe it or not, people on the internet would actually be interested in purchasing something like this. In fact, the castmate was selling one jar for almost $1k and earned a fortune. However, her bizarre but glory days were over soon. That’s because making herself gassy for her business landed her in the hospital, and Stephanie had to shut her business down. But it seems like she is back to her old ways now.


Apparently, Stephanie is back in the fart jab business again but with a twist. Apparently, she is selling her farts again but in Christmas ornaments. She introduced this special yet odd edition of her fart jars through her social media handle. Matto added to this by saying it would be the best gift for “weird uncles” for Christmas. Many 90 Day Fiance fans took digs at her and wanted her to do something useful with her life. Others were concerned for her health as the last experience made her take a trip to the hospital. Despite all the negativity and criticism, Stephanie has been promoting her special Christmas ornaments through her Instagram, saying that she will ship the products out just in time for the holidays.

90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Matto Joins Hands With Tania Maduro For Her Fart Business!

It looks like Stephanie Matto is not stepping into her fart business again just by herself. Another noted 90 Day Fiance castmate was with her. Well, it is none other than Tania Maduro who joined the franchise alongside Syngin Colchester. Their relationship also didn’t work, and they recently signed divorce papers on national television. As Tania is single again, she is willing to get into all sorts of things. As per the looks, Tania and Stephanie Matto are collaborating on the fart jar business. Both these ladies will be sending people their fart-filled Christmas ornaments for the holidays. Many fans were weirded out by this revelation.

Many viewers tried to bring both Stephanie and Tania down through the comments section. However, it didn’t work. That’s because both of them continue to promote their strange product through their social media. Apart from this, Stephanie and Tania also have a collaboration coming up on Unfiltrd. It is a platform similar to OnlyFans, and the former is the founder as well as the CEO. How do you feel about Stephanie and Tania’s growing friendship? Tell us in the comments below. Meanwhile, TV Season & Spoilers is here for you for all the latest updates of 90 Day Fiance, so stay tuned.

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