’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Finally Explains Why She Faked Her Breakup, Shocking!

90 Day Fiance

’90 Day Fiance’ fans have been curious regarding Ashley and Jay’s real relationship status since they got married. Jay’s cheating behavior and the anticipation of whether Ashley will forgive her or not got fans busy for a long time. But soon the couple stated that they have decided to part ways. Things were stable for a while, but some of the incidents that kept occurring indicated that it’s not as simple as it seems.

A few days back, one of the fans took a screenshot of Jay snooping around in Ashley’s house in one of her live videos. Moreover, Jay came live from the wrong Instagram account. It was the same account from which the couple’s wedding pictures were leaked. At that time both were accusing poor Natalie of the vicious deed. It seems like karma is striking back at Ashley and Jay for being deceitful towards their fans.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley and Jay Are Still Together

The cat is finally out of the bag. Ashley admitted in an Instagram post that the couple never broke up since they got married. They broke the NDA and it was all a lie. She explained what breaking the NDA meant. From now on, they won’t be paid for future TV shows they might appear in. She mentioned that the couple was made to act as if their relationship was over. Most other cast members reached out to her with a warning. She understands now why they did it.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley And Jay Face Consequences

The fraud is now out in the open, and the consequences for the couple don’t seem favorable. The fans are super angry, and Ashley has even lost a couple of followers on social media along with some endorsements and sponsors. Duped fans bombarded the duo with a series of criticism when the news came out in the open.

Just after Jay’s live video, both of them deactivated their Instagram accounts. It seems like the fraud duo is unable to handle the outcome of how they cheated their fans. But to fans’ surprise, Ashley returned as though nothing has happened. Just a couple of hours after the scandal took place, Ashley lost about 1000 followers. Apart from hateful comments and the loss of followers, Gottex Studio, a fitness brand also ended their sponsorship for Ashley.

Ashley Dismayed Fans And It Was a Bad Idea!

It looks like dismaying the fans has started costing Ashley in the worst possible way. Ashley is one of those reality TV stars who gained massive recognition and fan-following through the show. This act of deceiving was bound to result in angry reactions by fans who obviously feel cheated. Not to mention, when she needed money to pay off her medical expenses, fans took no time in filling up her GoFundMe account.

What do you think the future holds for 90 Day Fiance Star Ashley Martson and Jay Smith? Will they be able to recover the loss caused due to their blunder? Let us know in the comments below.