90 Day Fiance: Colt About To Star On Ellen Show, Date With Samantha Harris

90 Days Fiance

Colt has built up quite an impressive television resume when he starred on 90 Day Fiance. It seems like he doesn’t think that is enough. In real life, he is a software engineer. But it appears that he wishes to conquer the entertainment world as well, especially reality TV. Colt has been busy planning the perfect divorce party in Las Vegas. Of course, that’s old news. But the latest addition to this is that a date is going to join him. Somehow, Samantha Harris is in the picture and is going to make an appearance as Colt’s date.

90 Day Fiance News: Is Colt On a Mission To Expand His Reality TV Resume?

We all know how popular The Ellen DeGeneres Show is. To the fans’ surprise, the recent clip on Colt’s Instagram has caused a massive stir. He uploaded a short clip in which The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s host was introducing him and his mother. The interesting part is that the intro doesn’t sound to be favorable for the mother-son duo. It emphasizes the fact that Colt still lives with his mother and a bunch of kittens.

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The way Ellen DeGeneres introduced them sounded like they were being made fun of. The audience immediately burst into laughter and the entire atmosphere was filled with gasping sounds. Even then, Colt went ahead and posted the clip on Instagram. Why would he do something that would further cause him even more humiliation? Well, as the past indicates, he has never taken himself too seriously and is a humorous fellow. Fans think that he just made a joke at his own expense just like he did previously while 90 Day Fiance was going on.

Crazy Horse 3: Colt’s Divorce Party Venue

Colt is all set to have a massive bash at the Nevada strip club. There was a contest in which girls participated to win a date with Colt. Samantha Harris won the chance and Colt followed her on Instagram. Moreover, he also liked one of her recent posts. Quickly, accusations started pouring over Samantha Harris. Did she announce this to increase her Instagram fan following? Her action to quickly change her profile settings to public indicates so. Some viewers said that she was only there for some free food and fantastic booze.

What do you think is really going on in Colt’s life? He once stated that he doesn’t want to be in the radar much. But this move clearly indicates that he is not done with Television and fame yet. Moreover, the sudden mention of a new date contradicts is an earlier statement when he said he needed some time to get back out there. It seems like the American reality TV star is constantly contradicting himself. From announcing his divorce party to this new conundrum, all he has done is gain attention. Is it a new beginning for Colt after his not-so-pleasant past? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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