90 Day Fiance: Colt’s Mom Debbie And David Toborowsky Get Into a Feud

90 Day Fiance

Earlier this week on The Tomorrow Show With Keven Undergaro, David Toborowsky appeared, and Annie from “90 Day Fiance” season 5 appeared on the show. While on screen, David had some pretty nasty things to say about 90 Day Fiance season 6 star Colt Johnson. Somehow, his harsh words reached Colt’s mom Debbie, and she lost her cool. From there to her post on social media, things kind of escalated.

David’s Comments On 90 Day Fiance’s Colt

Let us take a look at what David had to say about Colt on The Tomorrow Show With Keven Undergaro. When they asked him about what he thinks of Colt, Larissa, and their entire situation, he says that he thinks Colt is at fault. He brought Larissa into the US and exercised control over her. He also mentions that he has a soft spot for Larissa. David accuses Colt to be a manipulator and that he is sending out pictures of his junk all over the internet. David also says that he is absolutely not Colt’s fans and Colt is one of his least favorite people.

Larissa And Colt’s Domestic Violence: What Is David’s Take On That?

When Larissa uploaded pictures of her injuries on the internet, the police arrested her. According to the law, they were self-inflicted. When they asked David about who the aggressor could be, he said that Larissa definitely beat Colt up. To this, Annie added that Larissa is a strong woman. David, then later summarizes what he exactly thinks about their situation.

He thinks that Colt has been poking Larissa and tormenting her. He doesn’t justify what Larissa did but added that it was expected of her to react when Colt was constantly bothering her.

Debbie’s Explosive Reaction To David’s Statements: The Big Feud

As soon as the news reached Debbie, she came to her son’s defense like a tigress. She pointed out that David is not aware of what is going on in Colt and Larissa’s personal life. Debbie also mentions that he is just trying to get the media’s attention. He can’t even live by himself and has to live with his friend. She warns him of karma and also blames him for just wanting to stay in the headlines no matter what.

A fan replied that if Colt didn’t want media’s attention, he would have been planning a private divorce party. Posting the news on social media wasn’t required. He pointed out that calling names for others could easily backfire and bring her own son in bad radar. Debbie didn’t have a solid defense for this. But she replied that at least Colt is not spreading false news about others.

What Was David’s Reply To Debbie?

David sarcastically pointed out that he is not the one living with three cats and his mother. He might not be as financially sound, but he considers his life to be way better than Colt.

As David said, is Colt using her mother’s Instagram account to defend himself? Let us know what you think about 90 Day Fiance star in the comments below.