’90 Day Fiance’: Colt Responds To Larissa’s Accusations, Is Larrisa Seeking Publicity?

90 Days Fiance

The most controversial couple of “90 Day Fiance” is back to stir up some more social media drama! Colt is ready to take some more actions against Larissa. He already emptied her bank account. He is apparently reporting the gifted phone stolen, resulting in cut off of Larissa’s phone services. Does it seem like a major blow from Colt to punishing Larissa? Now the Brazilian 90 Day Fiance star is also having trouble swiping on Tinder with suspended phone service.

She accuses Colt of having possession of some of her stuff. He also transferred the 90 Day Fiance money to another account and left Larissa with just $ 38. Larissa proved her point by sharing screenshots. According to Larissa, Colt’s passive aggressive behavior is just to make her life more difficult.

Larissa Snapping On Instagram: Her Stories Telling It All

When Larissa couldn’t find any other way to get out of a messy situation, she took to her Instagram to share screenshots of her bank transfers. Colt also has some of her belongings which Larissa is not allowed to gain access. Apart from that, he also wants the iPhone he gifted Larissa when she was in Brazil. She also shares the screenshot of the message that mentions that the line has been reported. She has all the receipts to prove that what she is saying is the truth.

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90 Day Fiance: Colt Responds To Larissa’s Accusations

John Yates, the 90 Day Fiance blogger revealed personal messages of Colt. He claims a friend of Colt leaked them to him. It might be tough to pick out what is real or fake online. However, what Colt says in this conversation seems real. In the conversations, Colt says that the deactivation of the phone is all Larissa’s fault. When Larissa switched services, he had to purchase a new phone. Even if Larissa is using the phone, Colt had no choice but to report it as stolen.

Colt holding on to Larissa’s wedding dress and other outfits is still not justified. Larissa also causes him for being with her only to gain fame from the show. Larissa’s account statements indicate that Colt might have been planning the breakup in advance.

Despite the show being over and the former couple being separated, the chaos doesn’t seem to end for these two. How long do you think 90 Day Fiance star Colt and Larissa’s drama will continue? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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