90 Day Fiance: Larissa Turns To Tinder After The Domestic Incident

90 Day Fiance

We have all seen how the internet was flooded with 90 Day Fiance Star Larissa making the headlines when the domestic violence incident took place in Colt’s place. Fans expected her to take some time off and focus on the hearing of her impending case. But it seems Larissa is quite quick with moving on. Just a couple of months earlier, she tied the knot with Colt. After her short-lived married life coming to a halt, the reality TV star has decided to get back out there.

Larissa is ready to put 90 Day Fiance drama and Colt behind. She has signed up for Tinder, an app known for connecting millions of people in a romantic way.

What Does Larissa’s Tinder Profile Have To Say?

Larissa is quite clear in her attempt to dive into the dating game again. Although she clearly mentions that she is not looking for random hookups or one night stands. She explicitly mentions the name of the show 90 Day Fiance in her profile. Taking it further, she also says that there have been a lot of rumors about her rampant all over the internet.

Her hobbies on the profile include playing chess, working out, and outdoor activities. She also mentions that she is a caring person who loves to have fun. She is looking for someone she can hang out with and then see where it goes further. Larissa is ready to put an end to the rumors. According to her, the truth might surprise you!

90 Day Fiance
Larissa Dos Santos Lima 90 Day Fiance

Larissa’s First Degree Domestic Battery Arrest

Colt claimed that it was Larissa who went out of control during the fight. Her suicide threats had also been at their peak. On the other hand, Larissa posted bruised pictures of herself on Instagram. Colt decided to call the cops in the end which ultimately led to her arrest. Debbie, Colt’s mom helped him file for a divorce and then he did. Surprisingly, she did not mention the legal accusations about her in her Tinder profile.

In November, Larissa posted an entire series of troubling messages to Instagram. If it wasn’t enough, she also changed her username on Instagram to @helpmeimwithoutphone. She also accused Colt of hiding her phone and switching it off. Larissa stated that she needed someone to call the cops for help.

Colt explained that he disabled her phone to prevent the matter from escalating any further. But to his dismay, the cops knocked down the door and pointed a gun at him. They also handcuffed him but after understanding the situation, decided to arrest Larissa.

Is Larissa Seeking Out The Green Card Via a Different Guy?

What do you think this sudden action indicates? Is Larissa still after the green card? She does mentions in her profile that locals are preferred. However, there is still no mention of whether the local should be an American citizen or not. What do you think about this action of queen Larissa? Let us know in the comments below.