’90 Day Fiance’ Executive Producer Matt Sharp Spills Stars’ Salary

90 Day Fiance

With TLC coming up with shows that offer an insight into the real lives of stars, 90 Day Fiance is one of the leading shows in this category. Since its premiere in 2014, the show has been on all top rated lists on Sunday Night airs. The show revolves around the lives of couples who have fallen in love internationally. One of the partners is in the process of their K1 visa. After spending some time apart, the couples finally unite on the set and embark on a beautiful journey.

On 13th January, 90 Day Fiance season 6 came to an end. According to E-news, Matt Sharp, the show’s executive producer is all set to share some exciting information from behind the scenes. On appearing on the podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey, Matt revealed secrets, off-screen tidbits and even the salaries of the cast.

Behind The Scene Story of 90 Day Fiance

The series initially faced a tough time finding a home network for air. Even after revamping the idea, the series failed to pitch in. The K1 visa journey and couples deciding within 90 days to stay together or part ways wasn’t an idea that appealed to most networks. But one day his TLC friend seemed to develop an affinity to show’s concept and the rest is history! Whenever a plot has couples showing an unconventional combination, things are bound to get more interesting.

TLC has no role whatsoever in bringing these couples together. They targeted individuals that were already in the process of obtaining their K1 visa were halfway through their choice. The producers mostly belong to the ‘Teen Mom’ background. Instead of going with the cliche, they wanted to bring real people with genuine situations into the picture and see how their messed up stories roll out in the open. The interesting background of the contestants makes up for a juicy plot for the show.

The Biggest Challenge In The Way of 90 Day Fiance

All the female-oriented networks considered the show to be too much targeted towards the male section of the audience. Other networks that were oriented at male audience felt that the show was way too female.

90 Day Fiance Cast Salary

The producer kept mum on the exact amount the show provided to the cast as salary. He mentioned that only the American partners receive a check. The rest of the cast gets an appearance fee that is customary. In order to pay a foreigner legally, the foremost requirement is a green card.

The international partners are in the process of their K1 visa. As long as they don’t have the American citizenship, they can’t receive a regular salary for their appearances.

Matt’s statements have surely added spice to the already existing controversies. The news of 90 Day Fiance having trouble to seek a network for air. After taking a glimpse at the success of the show, the networks rejecting the series are sure to regret their decision.


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