’90 Day Fiance’: Fernanda Flores’ Shocking Comment On Jonathan

90 Day Fiance

’90 Day Fiance’ and ugly splits go hand in hand. If a couple survives through their relationship and gets a happy ending, good for them. However, if they don’t, the aftereffects are usually Catastrophic. Couples such as Jay and Ashley, Colt and Larissa, and Fernanda and Jonathan have already proved that they don’t give up on a person without creating tonnes of drama. Thanks to social media, the awareness regarding personal life incidents reach 90 Day Fiance fans quickly despite the show being over.

Speaking of couples split drama, let us take a look at how Fernanda is making her fans aware of some personal life details involving Jonathan.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Revealing Details On Instagram

Until today, the latest news on Fernanda and Jonathan front was only about Jonathan being disloyal to her. Well, not anymore! Her statement about Jonathan’s disloyalty remains intact. However, she has a few more intense additions to make. Ever since their breakup, the couple had some or the other statement to say about their ex. Let us take a look at how far Fernanda took it this time.

Recently, the former reality star took to Instagram to make her fans aware of the hell Jonathan inflicted upon her. Yes, that’s correct! ‘Hell’ is the exact term she used! Whether she was making an attempt to play the victim entirely or just insulting Jonathan is not clear.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Flores Says Jonathan Brought Hell Upon Her!

She announced on Instagram that her estranged husband made her go through hell. When fans were able to take their eyes off her gorgeous picture, their attention turned towards the caption she wrote. She mentioned that she is a survivor who has gone through hell. Even though she didn’t directly call out Jonathan by name, her intentions behind the caption were pretty clear.

She also mentioned that she suffered intense damage but that didn’t break her. Seems like she is playing the strong and the victim at the same time!

Fernanda Facing Backlash: Fans Take Issue With The Word ‘Hell’

Fans think that the use of the word hell to describe her time with Jonathan is a little too extreme. A viewer commented that the impact of cancer on a family can be termed as hell. Another spectator mocked about taking life advice from an immature kid. All in all, everyone thinks that she went a bit over the top by intensifying a rough patch in life to a great extent.

Fernanda Responds To One Of The Comments

When a 90 Day Fiance fan told her to stop giving life advice and that her actions caused her the pain, she replied and told her that the viewers only know what she wants them to know. Could this indicate that there is more to this story than we think? Anyhow, due to the slamming, she replaced the word ‘hell’ with ‘a lot’ and disabled the comments on her post. What do you think of all this? Was she trying to gain sympathy? Let us know in the comments below.

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Dawn Riggs

She is showing her true age. Johnathan is not saying much. And letting things go.
He offer her a education and gave her money. Plus bought her boobs.
Now days you can not get a man to buy you a cracker.
She thought the grass was greener. Because of the show she was going to be a famous model.
Did not appreciate what she had.
Johnathan handsome man. He will have no problem finding another woman.


Johnathan mother saw straight thru you.
You lost a good thing I’m sure he will find a woman that will truly love him. Go find yourself a sugar daddy give him the advice you’re trying to give others maybe he will listen.lol