90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Slams Jonathan Indirectly On Instagram

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance and cheating accusations always go hand in hand. As fans know of the famous pair Ashley and Jay separating because of infidelity, they are indeed not the only ones with accusations. After their separation, Fernanda and Jonathan have opted for the same path. Fernanda is even taking a solid dig at him. That too, without directly calling him out! You ask how? Let’s take a look.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda’s Instagram Post

Fernanda posted pictures of her cute dog on her Instagram handle and wrote in the caption that his loyalty was much more than most people she knew. This post doesn’t directly mention anyone, but her attempt to demean and accuse Jonathan is quite clear. The two of them split up in December, just before the holidays began. For a while on social media, it seemed that Fernanda wanted to mend their relationship. On the other hand, Jonathan was ready to move on.

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Taking a Break From Social Media

The fan following of the reality TV star has been escalating on Instagram. Despite not posting anything, her followers have been accelerating in number. Apparently, she was going through some mental health issues which are the main reason behind the break. She said that something happened to her that she never thought would happen at such a young age. She expresses gratitude for the huge fan following and says that she finds it unbelievable!

What Does The Estranged Couple’s Social Media Feeds Have To Say?

When Jonathan and Fernanda split up, they both had their social media posts filled with content trying to show that they are moving on. Fernanda turned to motivational quotes and spiritualism. On the other hand, Jonathan was found posting relationship talks and posts in which he was cooking and eating healthy food. He also said that they are going to remain friends.

Fernanda said that God had planned well for her and she has faith in him. She also believed that something better would come up. In the meantime, Jonathan mentions that he gave his best in this relationship and he will continue to do so in the next one.

Is Fernanda Trying To Escalate Things Up?

When the couple broke up, everything seemed amicable and something that came out of mutual understanding. They both posted good things on social media. But now, we can detect a scathing element in Fernanda’s caption. It seems that she is indirectly targeting Jonathan and calling him disloyal. She wrote the word LOYALTY in caps which indicates that she is definitely targeting Jonathan.

Even though all dog parents love praising their dog, but normally we don’t see integrity as a quality coming into the picture. This shows that the caption is way beyond her love for her canine companion. She also calls her dog family, also written in a different font. What do you think of Fernanda’s implications? Were her words directly shot at 90 Day Fiance star Jonathan? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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