Why 90 Days Fiance Fans Think Jonathan And Fernanda Broke Up?

90 Days Fiance

After looking at the social media pages, fans are wondering and enquiring if the couple has broken up. In the season’s finale viewers had watched them saying I do. All of these speculations started going on rounds when Jonathan posted a photo of New Year celebration and wife was nowhere to be soon. With a big smile, besides her mom, the picture captioned “Bring in the New Year with this special lady!” “Wishing all my friends, family and supporters and abundance of love, health, wealth and success in 2019! “

We have got all the details for you right here.

Jonathan Confirms Split From Fernanda

In an astonishing event, Jonathan did confirm his breakup with Fernanda as the time moved forward towards the New Year. The star did not hold back on information when it came to shocking revelations on his wife that has made fans really angry.

All of this revealed on his official Instagram account. He admitted with a series of comments that his marriage has in fact been over and the two have parted ways. He does seem to get emotional as he had to open up publically to people about his breakup. Jonathan had spent his new years in Chicago with his family and his then wife was not seen anywhere.

90 Days Fiance: Jonathan’s Reasons For The Breakup

The 90 Day Fiance star says that he all of the efforts that he had put from his side for the relationship to work out wasn’t enough for his Mexican wife. He also said that he had made a lot of sacrifices and gave up on a lot for Fernanda. But somehow he is still left alone in the relationship. In one of his comments he also said that he gives “1000% always”, but his wife still thought it wasn’t enough.

He even said that he always gave whatever she needed including opportunities and friends. He seemed to reach an emotional breaking point when he said: “You can only give so much”. Jonathan feels he was pushed to give up things that he used to love and all of it for absolutely nothing.

90 Days Fiance: Fernanda’s Side Of The Story

Honestly, this is just one side of the story and we have for you Fernanda’s thought over it.
Although it seems that Jonathan is just done with the drama and seems determined to end the relationship. Jonathan has revealed that Fernanda wants him back and has apologized and asked him for a second chance. Jonathan said he hasn’t yet forgiven her.

When one scroll through Fernanda’s social media page it is evident that she is trying to win him back. She has been posting pictures with quotes saying that she has been missing him. She also attempted to remind him of the vows that the couple had made and to stick with her through.

But for some reason, she still seems a bit confused on what exactly she wants as in one of her posts she had written something related to toxic people controlling you. That very evidently seems to be a dig on Jonathan.

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This article is written so badly that it’s distracting. Hard to understand what the author is trying to say. Get someone who has language skills to write please.


Fernandez should be good that it is illegal to post pictures of individuals in embarrassing poses online. Such an action could affect his job.