90 Day Fiance: Jay And Ashley Puzzling Fans With Happy Ending Shots After Split

90 Days Fiance

Celebs do anything for publicity and maybe that is what 90 Day Fiance stars Ashley and Jay are trying to pull off by confusing their fans. Shortly after their wedding, the couple had a major fall out. The confusion began when they started hinting on social media that they might still be together.

90 Day Fiance: Jay Mocking Fans As The Confusion Rises

When it comes to Jay and Ashley, the drama keeps on getting more profound. The rough patch after the couple married in Vegas lead to the ongoing entertainment buzz. After Jay’s cheating behavior, Ashley even kicked him out.

Even Jay revealed that he wasn’t the only one cheating. When Ashley found out about his activities on Tinder, she started chatting with different men herself to get back at him. Jay also mockingly commented on a group photo of him, Ashley, Fernanda, and Jonathan. The caption said that the picture was worth a thousand words.

When Jay commented about the fans being confused while the stars are laughing gives a hint of condescension. It might indicate that the entire act is created to skyrocket TRPs. In reality, there is a chance that the couple is happily married after all.

Jay Denying His Presence In Jamaica With Ashley Backing Him Up

Despite calls from his viewers to come back to Jamaica, Jay reveals that he is still in the States. According to some claims, his workplace is close to Ashley’s place. Ashley also gave the clarification that fans should stop putting words into her mouth. According to her statement, she never gave any confirmation regarding Jay’s presence in Jamaica. Also, she hasn’t confirmed their actual relationship status.

Hints of a Big TLC Fraud – Did The Couple Fake The Whole Marriage?

On one hand, rumors regarding their fake fallout won’t stop. But on the other hand, another side of the story suggests that the couple could have faked the marriage for raising TLC TRPs. Some claims also stated that the entire romance was fake. In reality, the couple broke up way before filming.

Skipping a marriage ceremony to elope raised questions regarding the authenticity of their marriage. Although Ashley displayed her marriage certificate to put an end to the fake marriage rumors, this did not confirm their relationship status.

Will They End Up Together Despite The Split?

All in all, Ashley and Jay have gained the most hype on the show. There might be a spinoff, and it is unlikely that the couple will pass such an amazing opportunity. Moreover, the present scenario accounts for an amazing and spicy storyline. The TRPs are expected to rise even further. To some extent, they have already hinted that could do pretty much anything for publicity. Faking it for some more time won’t seem a big deal.

What do you think, is this a publicity stunt to gain popularity? Or is it a gimmick to raise the TRP of 90 Days Fiance? Let us know in the comments below.

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