’90 Day Fiance’: What Is Ashley and Jay’s Actual Relationship Status?

90 Days Fiance

Since Ashley caught Jay cheating on her, their marriage has hit a reef. Soon after their wedding, Jay was supposedly looking forward to meeting other women on Tinder. The lousy explanation that he was bored added fuel to the fire. However, shippers laid a sigh of relief when Ashley announced on Instagram that she is working hard to make the relationship last. The gist of the message was that she was going to follow her heart and evolve as a person.

Uncertainty Surrounding The 90 Day Fiance Couple

Despite being furious over Jay’s online dating profile just after they got married, Ashley accepted that she was still in love with him. Although she did deny many couple cameos and mentioned that she would only be available that feature her alone. This reveals that her place alongside her husband has taken a major setback.

90 Day Fiance: The Possibility of a Major TLC Fraud

While fans are busy speculating how their favorite couple is going to move past the rough patch, there is a piece of whole other news on the TLC front that will blow your mind. There is a possibility that the entire relationship and the marriage is a hoax. It is likely that the couple has been fooling the fans all along. Perhaps, a rising TRP is all that TLC wanted.

90 Day Fiance: Did Ashley and Jay Fake It All?

As we all are probably aware, the internet is flooded with rumors about the relationship status of Jay and Ashley. The word of their split is all over the world. The couple keeps on ghosting one another on social media. But this news raises a serious concern. Fans are watching the show with all their heart and soul. If the possibility of the couple faking it all turns out to be real later, there is going to be a massive stir among the audience.

Getting Closer To The Real Evidence

There is no record of the two getting married in Las Vegas. Even though the couple decided to elope, there is no real evidence supporting that they are legally married. It seems that the fancy ceremony was just to add some glam to the show. Besides that, Jay himself admitted that since his parents were not able to make it into the US, they decided to hold a fake ceremony in his hometown. He also said that the purpose of the ceremony was just for the show.

Now, let’s connect the dots. If their Jamaica marriage was non-binding, there are no records of their marriage in the US, what is actually going on?

TLC Insider Opening Up About The Couple

An insider revealed that the couple of split up before the filming of season 6 began. Although to add to the spice of the show, the show runners kept mum about the breakup.

Did they film up the romance just for TRP and attention? Do let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Nothing would surprise me any more. Re-enacting scenes, playing scenes out of order, deceitful editing? How can we believe anything we see. Why not just get real couples though – like they did in the beginning. It was a lot more entertaining and credible.