90 Day Fiance: Kyle Responds To Beau’Thai’Ful Cosmetics’ “Shocking” Comment On Americans

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance star Noon runs an Instagram account for cosmetics. Recently, the brand lashed out at millennials as well as Americans. Due to this irrational behavior, the company has been facing quite some meltdown along with Noon. Beau’Thai’Ful declared that they are planning to cut off their product supply for the US residents and stop the flow of their cosmetics to millennials whatsoever.

90 Day Fiance: Kyle Comes To Noon’s Rescue

Noon’s husband came to her rescue in the Instagram comments section. When he saw that people were firing back at his wife, he made no delay in defending her. According to him, Noon was merely an influencer for the company promoting their products. They asked her to play CEO and that’s it. The post saying that they won’t sell in The US anymore called out to Americans, calling them sheep. They refused to provide services to millennials.

He also mentioned that he wishes there was a way to post screenshots of their conversation in the thread. According to him, Noon works at a cat hotel.

The post goes on to say that Americans only believe in what they see their Instagram influencers promoting. They don’t believe in trying something new. The company continues to provide its cosmetics in some parts of Asia and Europe. Maybe the reason behind discontinuing the products in the US was the lack of success in marketing tactics.

What Do Fans Have To Say?

One of the commentators described that if they don’t advertise a product online, how will people know about the same? The commentator is sad that the company doesn’t deliver the products in the US. Beau’thai’ful replied that influencers weren’t even accurate and they wanted to try something different. They want people to know the truth instead of customers reading sugarcoated remarks about a certain product.

Another comment points out that this is no way to treat a potential customer. People are disappointed over how the brand is acting out against millennials. Beau’thai’ful gave a prompt reply by saying that they can unfollow the business page.

Is Noon From 90 Day Fiance Really The CEO Of Beau’thai’ful?

Whether Noon is the real CEO or not is still a big question mark. According to a YouTube video “Why I started Beau’Thai’Ful and our plans for the future,” the name indicates that she is the founder of the company. However, some sources indicate that she is the CEO only from October 1 last year.

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