’90 Day Fiance’: Jay Smith Admits His Cheating Behavior & Promotes Hookup App

90 Day Fiance

It seems that the 90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith has resorted to profits by admitting wholeheartedly that he is a cheater. Since the 6th season of 90 Day Fiance came to an end, the Jamaican contestant of the show has found a new way of making more gains.

It seems that the Playboy image Ashley created for him is treating him well. Recently he started the promotion of a new Hookup app and persuaded the audience to ditch Tinder. His new career move has left 90 Day Fiance fans in awe.

90 Day Fiance News: Jay Taking Cheating To a Whole New Level

Even before 90 Day Fiance began its course, most of the audience knew that Jay was used to being the center of attention. He was always known to have a playboy side to his personality. Even though he married Ashley but the relationship was doomed from the beginning itself. This became even more evident with his cheating behavior after marriage. He continued to approach women on Tinder just after he tied the knot with Ashley.

During the filming of the reunion in November, he was making desperate attempts to make it up to Ashley. But with news of splitting and fake wedding circulating all over the world, the couple has been in a bad radar ever since. TLC has really got the fans confused regarding Jay and Ashley’s real story.

Jay Promoting a Hookup App After Lying About His Tinder Usage

As most of the common masses are already aware, Tinder is an app mostly used for random hookups. Moreso, people often find temporary friends with benefits on the site. When Jay denied using the app, the audience knew in an instant that he was lying. Now the same person allegedly promoting a hookup app seems really strange! What is he trying to pull off?

The promotion might be a way of ridiculing his own mistake. When he tells the viewers never to download Tinder as he did, it could refer to the fact that he is feeling guilty about his wrongdoing. But when he tells the audience to download LimingTree instead, we have nothing else to say except for throwing our hands up in the air!

He also knows his viewers well. The interesting thing about the promotional video is that while shooting, Jay is in Ashley’s bedroom.

Is Jay Rejoicing The Cheating Reputation For Monetary Gains?

Since Jay used a similar app for cheating on Ashley, this makes him the perfect spokesperson for such promotion. The app sounds similar to Tinder despite advertised as a social app. It seems like a few minutes of fame on the reality show has been working out for the Jamaican playboy. Anyway, he is not the only one.

Ashley Martson was already burning in fumes with his cheating behavior. What do you think? Will this career move of Jay add fuel to the fire? Let us know in the comments below.

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