90 Day Fiance: Laura Files Marriage Fraud Against Aladin For Having Affair With His Business Partner

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum Laura has filed for marriage fraud and is saying that Aladin is going to jail. She says that he has been with a new Canadian woman for a few months. She is also his third partner in his travel company. She also calls his business venture a scam. She has also stated that because she has filed for marriage fraud, there will be no Canadian visa for Aladin. Let’s take a detailed look at this.

90 Day Fiance: Does Laura Have Proof? Here is What Fans Have To Say

Since Laura has filed for marriage fraud, it requires proof. One fan pointed out that she has a boyfriend, and everyone knows about it. All Aladin needs is a witness and a screenshot. On the other hand, if she is making baseless accusations, it’s illegal. To that, Laura says that she has a lot of proof.

90 Day Fiance

Most fans are siding with Aladin and are telling Laura to leave him alone. One fan even turned the tables on her saying that she is the one who committed fraud with Aladin. According to her, she promised to bring him to Canada. Moreover, Laura catfished her. Let’s recall what Aladin once said. He mentioned that the pictures he saw of Laura were highly edited. He also mentioned that by the time he could object to this, he was already in love.

Other fans pointed out that since Laura is not worth believing since she has told so many lies already. She lied about her pregnancy just to gain Aladin’s attention when he blocked. One fan even said that she wouldn’t believe that her name is Laura without seeing the birth certificate.

90 Day Fiance: More Critics For Laura

Aladin has already served her with divorce papers. Fans are pointing out that Laura is not able to go to Canada as she owes child support. Another fan said that Laura needs to know that the law doesn’t randomly put people in prison. She needs to move on from Aladin.

Laura and Aladin have had a tumulous relationship for a long time. According to Laura, Aladin was an abusive husband. But most viewers say that Aladin seems innocent, and Laura is the culprit in their case. When the couple decided to split, she went to Ecuador to spend time with Evelin.

She publically exposed her intimate moments with Aladin and shamed him. In fact, she mentioned that he was unable to satisfy her in bed. Aladin hasn’t given a reaction till now. How do you think will he react? Is he under any danger? Or will it backfire on Laura? We are going to have to wait and find out! Stay tuned for more 90 Day Fiance updates.

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