90 Day Fiance: Mike’s Uncle Bojangles’ Disturbing Criminal Record, 14 Arrests & Assault Charges

90 day fiance

Mike and Natalie are one of the famous 90 Day Fiance couples in the new season. Since the day Michael said that he believes in aliens, the popularity of the couple has skyrocketed. With memes flooding the internet and people questioning the future of their relationship due to differences in their beliefs, they have been the center of everyone’s focus lately. There were many problems between them as it is. One more issue has suddenly taken form out of the blue. It turns out that Mike’s uncle has a disturbing criminal record. Let’s take a look at this in detail.

90 Day Fiance: Mike’s Uncle’s Violent Criminal Record

Mike’s uncle has had a violent criminal record. In 2013-14, he had to face prison time for aggravated assault. In the state of Arizona alone, there have been 14 arrests. Th arrest includes failure to appear, aggravated DUI, assault-intent/wreckless/injury, drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, marijuana violations, aggravated assault-victim bound/restrained, criminal damaged face, aggravated the assault-serious physical injury, aggravated assault-disfigurement/loss/impair/organ, aggravated assault-enter residence, as well as many other crimes.

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👈🏽👈🏽 SCROLL 👈🏽👈🏽 1 of 2 PARTS (This post covers ARIZONA cases only – the next post will cover the WASHINGTON cases) HOT TEA 🍵 90DF (S7) Mike’s Uncle Beau (Bojangles) has an EXTENSIVE violent criminal record. In 2013-2014 Bojangles was incarcerated in an Arizona prison for aggravated assault. I also found a total of 14 arrest for him in the state of Arizona as well as a marriage & divorce. His arrest include aggravated DUI, failure to appear, assault-intent/wreckless/injury, disorderly conduct, drug paraphernalia, marijuana violations, criminal damaged face, aggravated assault-victim bound/restrained, aggravated assault-serious physical injury, aggravated assault-enter residence, aggravated assault-disfigurement/loss/impair/organ as well other crimes. Some charges were dismissed or no complaint was filed but he was found guilty or plead guilty to at least 10 of these charges. @mike90dayfiance @nataliemordovtseva #Bojangles #UncleBeau #TLC #90DayFiance #90DF #90DayFianceBeforeThe90Days #B4T90D #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter #HEA #90DayFiancePillowTalk #PillowTalk #90DayFianceWhatNow #90DayFianceTheOtherWay #TOW

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90 Day Fiance: Natalie Shocked At The News

Natalie commented on the post and expressed her shock. She stated that Mike never told her all this. According to fans, he should have clued her in on such a serious matter considering that she was planning on moving with Mike. However, now, we know that this news came as a surprise to Natalie.

One fan said that she was rooting for Mike on the show. However, this might change as he concealed such an important piece of information from Natalie. Fans are advising her to rethink her decision of moving. Even if she goes ahead with it, it is advisable for her to ensure that Mike’s uncle lives nowhere around.

Most fans are wondering why TLC allows people with such a questionable record on a reality TV show. Well, on top of the head, to stir more drama? Maybe.

90 Day Fiance: Other Problems In Mike and Natalie’s Relationship

Natalie revealed that even though their relationship seems like a bed of roses on screen, they are not all happy with each other. She said that Mike has even insulted her on her looks behind the scenes. He commented on the way she looks and said that she is not his type. He also makes jokes about her health and her body and laughs about it. She made further revelations when Mike called her his perfect lade in the comments section. Way to tell people what he says when the cameras are not rolling!

Will this religious city girl be able to adjust with an athiest guy? Let us know in the comments below.

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