’90 Day Fiance’ Star Caesar Confirms His Appearance On ‘Naked And Afraid’

90 Day Fiance

We have seen him as a hopeless romantic and we have seen him cry his eyes out. By appearing on 90 Day Fiance, Caesar has already earned his 15 minutes of fame. Now, the reality TV star is planning on stretching his fame by making an appearance on another reality TV show, Naked and Afraid. In fact, he has also given the confirmation that he is going to be on it. Let us take a look at this in detail.

90 Day Fiance Star Cesar’s Latest New Reality TV Gig

Caesar revealed that he received an invitation for the survival show and is eager to star on it. When one of the fans asked whether the news is true, he gave the confirmation. It seems like the reality TV star is gearing up for the major challenge and is spending a lot of time working out at the gym. 

Sister Wives

So, before Caesar heads for the wildernesses, he clearly wants to make sure that he has the body and strength to flaunt.

Caesar Rocking a Revenge Body?

Just after a few weeks of exercising and working out, Caesar has begun to rock a killer body. Moreover, he is not afraid to flaunt it. As for calling it a revenge body, we know that Mariah broke his heart. At first, she didn’t come on the vacation they planned. Of course, after taking a lot of money from Caesar, she didn’t even come to visit him. Moreover, we saw pictures and videos in which we could see her hanging out with Darcey’s ex Jesse Meester. 

It’s a known fact that people workout after a breakup to make themselves feel better. Moreover, it’s a way to show the ditcher that they don’t control the victim. So, there is a possibility that Caesar is exercising some passive revenge against Mariah by preparing for a hot and steamy new look.

Caesar Shares Throwback Pictures Before The 90 Day Fiance Stardom Hit Him

In lieu of valentine’s day, Caesar shared some throwback pictures from his early years. In one of the posts, the reality TV star shared a black and white photograph and wrote Baby Caesar in the caption. In another shot, he calls himself “Mr. Steal Your Girl,” smiling for the camera. Even though he might not have someone to celebrate Valentine’s day this year, we can say that he is definitely looking forward to making a new achievement in his life. 

If we were to believe what 90 Day Fiance us about the nail technician, Caesar has faced some pretty rocky times. However, he is turning over a new leaf and has got a great gig. It’s like taking his reality TV career forward. From his profile, we have also learned that he is an aspiring actor. Who knows? Naked and Afraid might turn out to be the best decision of his entertainment career! Let us know what you think of his actions in the comments below.

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