Counting On: Josh and Anna’s Visit To Sister Jinger In LA; Jill Misses The Family Vacation

Counting On

Counting On: Josh Duggar has been the center of some very serious sex scandals. However, he seems happy in the post that reveals him and his wife having a family outing on Tuesday in California. He and his pregnant wife Anna took the trip with their five kids this week. Jim Bob and Michelle also joined them with seven children.

Counting On: The Extended Family Visiting 25-Year Old Jinger

Jinger is one of the nine Duggar sisters. She lives in California with her daughter Felicity who is one year old and her husband Jeremy. The family went to the Autry Museum of The American West on their day trip. It was the birthday celebration of Josh’s eldest daughter.

Just outside the museum, the family posed for a heartwarming picture. Anna later posted the picture on her Instagram. The family’s TLC reality show has been cutting Josh out of the scenes. But from social media, we can keep close tabs on the life of the 31-year-old. Josh is close to his dad, and we can see the duo consulting with each other while taking the lead on the family trip.


Counting On: Josh Still An Integral Part of The Family

Even though we might not be seeing him on TV. But he is indeed an integral part of the family. The family had to take three different cars to accommodate themselves on their way to Jinger. Anna is due next month and is planning to give birth to her baby daughter. John was also present with his pregnant wife, Abbie. The couple seemed to be wanting to be alone. The others had to call them to pose for a picture with them constantly.

Jim and Josh were responsible for the older boys. Meanwhile, the women took care of smaller children. Luckily, for the family, it was the free admission day of the museum. They saved almost $14 per adult and for each child, $6.

Counting On: Jill Not A Part of The Family Trip

Jill Duggar is no longer a part of the show, thanks to her husband’s controversies. But we can always check out her whereabouts on her active social media profiles. Jill wasn’t a part of the trip. It’s understandable that it can get pretty tough to gather al the Duggars in a single place. However, she makes a post about some other people who mean a lot to her. She posted a picture of some of her close friends from church. Fans are happy that she is getting support from friends.

Jill seems to be at odds with her family as Derick has brought them bad press. They got off Counting on, and since then, she might not be as close with her family as one would think. Perhaps, this is the reason why she didn’t attend the family trip to California. What do you think is the reason behind Jill’s absence from the family trip? Let us know in the comments below.


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