Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff Attacked By Fans For Making Controversial Comments On Motherhood

Little People Big World

Fans have been watching Matt and Amy Roloff for years. The Little People Big World portrayed their life. Even though their children are officially not a part of the show anymore, they have quite a massive social media following. Matt and Amy are now divorced but their kids are all grown up. Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey Roloff welcomed their first child about a year ago. We remember Audrey being pregnant and now their daughter is over a year!

Audrey Roloff Calling Baby Formula a Sin: Faces Backlash From Little People, Big World Fans

The doctors told Audrey Roloff that she needs a supplement for her baby daughter as her milk isn’t sufficient. She is adamant on breastfeeding the baby and calls formula a sin. The couple is very religious and often offers peculiar parenting advice. But making that comment on baby formula took it a little too far. One fan commented that it’s difficult to even tolerate Audrey. Another went on to say that a well-fed baby is all that matters. Baby formula is not a sin and according to fans, Audrey should refrain from making such statements.

She also says that feeding little Ember robs her of her precious moments. The fact that she was facing difficulties made her feel exhausted and robbed her of special moments. Like the baby formula being a sin wasn’t enough, she made the statement that demeaned motherhood to some extent.

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I broke down last night😭 The last few days I’ve been climbing into Ember’s crib with her while she’s sleeping just to get a little extra cuddle time in. I lingered a little longer through our daily routines – trying to be more present, thankful, and in awe. Staying up even later and waking up earlier to tackle my “to-do’s” so I could blow more bubbles, take more bike rides, draw more sidewalk chalk, and read more books – desperate to cherish each moment to the full. ⁣ ⁣ Saying goodbye to this precious little girl for a week aches my heart. I might have brought one of her stuffed animals with me to cuddle with 😬🤷🏼‍♀️ Ok yes, I’ll admit, I’m sure being sleep deprived and overworked this week isn’t exactly making me emotionally stable😅 But now I understand why parents don’t want to leave their littles when they are so young. 🤪 I used to say, “Oh I won’t be like that… “ because I didn’t want having kids to “ground me” or hold me back from pursuing my dreams. LOL🤣 I was so wrong…. This little girl doesn’t hold me back or hinder me. She makes me shine brighter. She helps me become the mom, wife, friend, leader, writer, truth-sayer, and dreamer that God created me to be. Her tender heart inspires me, her fiery spirit brings me joy, her determination motivates me, her teachability humbles me, and her mere presence reminds me to always believe in the more that is within me through Christ. ⁣ ⁣ Today, Jeremy and I flew to NYC for the first leg of our book tour🙀 And while I miss my baby already, I am so beyond grateful for this insane opportunity. Cue more tears…😭 Jeremy and I wrote a book together💌 and now we have the privilege of meeting so many of you who have read (or will read) the pages that we earnestly labored and prayed over for years. We cannot wait to meet you! And yes, I will be carrying a tissue box with me everywhere and using this 😭😭😭 emoji often. #ALoveLetterLife #EmberJean

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Fans Giving Audrey Roloff a Piece Of Their Mind

Just as this statement went viral, Audrey Roloff received strong criticism. Fans are trying to explain to her that this is a normal part of motherhood and she is overreacting. One of them also asks her to get over herself. One follower points out that she is simply a mother, not a victim. Nothing is robbing her precious time. Matt Roloff is also not overly sympathetic with the couple. He makes them realize that this is what their parents were facing when they were raising them.

She also chose a natural birth but in the process, she sounded a little demeaning towards people who prefer or have to undergo c-section. Fans pointed out that having a c-section doesn’t mean that a woman is weak. This also reflects poorly on her attitude towards her sister-in-law who had to undergo surgery.


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