Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier Arrested Again! Shockingly Caught With Meth

Love After Lockup

The latest’ Love After Lockup’ news reveals that Matt Frasier was put behind bars this Friday. He is caught with the charges of possession of Meth. The reality TV star has had a complicated history pertaining to arrests possessing Meth. It seems like he is going down that hell hole again and it doesn’t look good. The cop who found Meth on him issued the arrest. Since then, the authorities have also suspended Matt’s driver’s license.

The arresting officer pulled him over as he was driving a vehicle with expired tags. The officer asked him for his registration, license, and insurance. He had none of those, which is the main reason he got into all the trouble in the first place. However, he did have his Washington State ID.

‘Love After Lockup’ News: Matt’s Arresting Officer’s Report

According to the report, he ran Matt through his MCT and found that he was DWLS 3rd and arrested him for the same. He found a clear plastic bag with white crystals in his left pocket and put them in the evidence bag. He was driving with a suspended license, carrying a controlled substance (methamphetamine), and driving a vehicle with expired tags. There was also a woman in the car. The officer asked her whether anyone with a driver’s license could drive her back within the next 30 minutes. However, she said to know and quickly excused herself from the scene.

Will Matt And Caitlin Appear On Love After Lockup?

Matt is deeply caught in the web that he has created by continually breaking the law. The shady way in which that woman went out of the entire scene makes it seem like they stole the vehicle. Unfortunately, viewers won’t be able to see his upcoming trial for a car he stole some time ago on Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup. Currently, the woman accompanying him is unknown. According to speculations by some fans, she could have been Caitlin. However, if you are wondering whether the couple is getting back together, they’re not.

Matt Arrested Twice In The Same Year

Some bad boys never change, no matter how hard you try. This seems like the case with Caitlin’s estranged hubby when it comes to obeying the law. He is already bearing charges for a stolen vehicle. But now, he has ended one more violation of the law to his resume. On June 11th, his trial for the possession of Meth is also scheduled.

Do you feel that in the future, this repeated offender might reform in some ways? Will he start obeying the laws, or is Matt used to breaking the rules? As we know, Meth is an addiction not so easy to get rid of. He might even require some intervention before the reformation takes place. Let us know how you think his life will unfold after committing multiple offenses in the comments below.