Love After Lockup: Scott’s War of Words With Lizzie, Scott Not Happy With Jasmine’s BF

Love After Lockup

It has been a while since we heard of anything juicy in the Lizzy and Scott arena. So, here it is! The duo is once again caught in a war of words. After the season finale of Love After Lockup Season 2, the duo has called it quits. Well, that was an on-camera thing to consider.

But now, even when the cameras are not rolling, this hasn’t stopped the plot from thickening. Scott is now accusing someone of impersonating him. He also mentioned that he feels like Lizzie is using him for his money. On the other hand, Lizzie claims that he is lying. What’s really going on between the two of them? Let’s take a look.

Love After Lockup News: Is Scott Getting Caught In a Scam?

Scott claims that his so-called friend Jasmine and her boyfriend are threatening him for money. He also accuses them of impersonating him and posting on his behalf. Earlier she posted something on the Savage group that ruined Scott and Lizzie’s relationship. Weeks ago, Scott mentioned that someone was stalking him.

Love After Lockup

His picture with this new girl took to social media and there was a lot of fuss over it lately. He claims that Jasmine posted the picture. At the time when he claimed about being stalked, Scott also mentioned that someone stole his phone.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie’s Response To Scott’s Claims

Lizzie Kommes is one person who is not at all buying what he is saying. She mentioned that till the last episode of Love After Lockup Season 2 aired, they were together. But then Scott started to spend more time with a woman named Jasmine and it seemed like he was ready to move on. Lizzie revealed on Instagram that this news shocked her and that is when the estranged couple decided to call it quits.

Love After Lockup Love After Lockup

The big question here is that is this new girl Jasmine really trying to extort money from Scott? Lizzie calls Scott a liar and reveals that all the letters are not fake. In fact, the letters are those she sent to Scott while she was in prison. How Jasmine got her hands on those letters is still another big question.

Lizzie also pointed out that there is a possibility that Scott is lying again and putting the blame on Jasmine to make her look bad. She claims that Jasmine is his girlfriend but he is trying to make everyone believe that she is just a friend. This might be another step he is taking to gain some sympathy out of Love After Lockup fans.

Love After Lockup: What Is The Deal With Jasmine?

Love After Lockup

There was a picture of Jasmine with another man and there was a negative comment from Scott on it. This might be the boyfriend of Jasmine Scott is talking about. It seems like the off-camera drama is a lot more to take than when the cameras are rolling on Scott and Lizzie. What do you think is the reality? Let us know in the comments below.


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