Love After Lockup Season 2: Top 7 Things That Were Left Out

Love After Lockup

One of the most dramatic Love After Lockup Seasons has finally wrapped up. The finale aired on Friday. You might think that there was a massive overload of all the drama in the series. But we are here to tell you that in spite of all the heat and debates, there are many things that the producers have left out. They include arrests, children, and secret marriages. If you are one of those fans who love to know the story behind deleted scenes, it’s going to be a treat for you!

Marcelino Already Married When Tying The Knot With Brittany

When Marcelino married Brittany, he was already married. It is surprising that the producers missed out on showing such a significant detail. But there is a chance that they might not have known about the same either. He got married to his ex-wife in 1999 and filed for an annulment in May 2018. Marcelino married Brittany in August, but the annulment didn’t go through till October. Maybe this is the reason why the couple made their wedding official in December.

Caitlin’s Marriage With Second Husband Far From Being Over

Love After Lockup

Speaking of secret marriages, Caitlin was married to her second husband throughout the filming of the Love Lock Up Season. Jue 2008 is the time they tied the knot. Even though they broke up a month later, the estranged couple is still legally married. She also has a son, but he is not in her custody. Recently, she opened up to fans about her struggles and mentioned that her son is in the best place he could be.

Where Did Tony And Angela Disappear?

Tony and Angela from season 1 were supposed to be in this season. All the previews mentioned them, but when the episodes aired, there was no trace of the couple. When fans asked Angela on her Instagram page, she said that something came up that interfered with her plans of appearing on this season.

Love After Lockup Season 2: Clint’s Hidden Arrest

Love After Lockup

When Clint went to see his SO in Texas, he was arrested for possessing Marijuana. This is a huge deal to miss out on the show. It is highly unlikely that no one got any hint of the incident. Maybe, Clint threatened to leave the show. However, this is merely speculation.

Michael’s Drug Possession Skipped On The Show

Although, Clint is not the only one whose story the producers failed to acknowledge. Michael’s drug possession was portrayed as a mere parole violation. The producers never revealed the real story on-screen.

Love After Lockup Season 2: Matt Frasier And His Car Accident

On 4th January, the show featured the incident regarding the stolen vehicle. But another run-in with the law involving a driver was skipped. Earlier, he crashed the car, and that caused a lot of damage to the vehicle. But the next time he took it out, he met with another accident in which the other person got injured. Perhaps, the previous damages were responsible for the crash.

Love After Lockup

It’s hard to get enough of LAL on-screen, right? But the details mentioned above are too intense to miss out simply! Do you think the producers made the right decision by skipping these scenes? Do you think they know the information and still withhold it from the viewers on purpose or are they under some sort of pressure? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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