Love After Lockup: Tracie Released On Bond; She Might Face Lifetime Imprisonment

Love After Lockup

Tracie and her encounter with laws seem never-ending. It’s like she has a hard time keeping away from prison. But according to the latest news, the Love After Lockup star has been released on a bond. It looks like Tracie is out of prison for now. Let’s take a look at this in detail.

Love After Lockup: Details and Tracie’s Arrest

Both Tracie and Clint got arrested on August 6. He was charged with a misdemeanor, and she got arrested for possessing a controlled substance. Clint got his bond release after paying a hefty bail of $500. Tracie had to remain in custody for about two more weeks.

Love After Lockup

From drug-related arrests to driving vehicles without a license, Tracie has had a pretty rough criminal record. At one point, she made a post on Instagram, where she accepted that she is high almost all the time. She kind of promoted smoking crack and once again got into trouble during that time. According to Texas laws, possessing crack is a second-degree felony and can result in the defaulter staying behind bars for 2-20 years.

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup; 99 Years of Prison Time Possible For Tracie

If Tracie hits her third strike, she is likely to be subjected to 5-99 years of prison time. No, it’s not a typo, you saw it right. 99 years! On top of it, there is a fine of $10,000. Her first appearance is due on the 5th of September at 9:00 AM. Well, we sincerely hope this time she shows up on time!

On August 6, the police caught the couple as they were acting sketchy. He is out on a bond. Most likely, he is backing Tracie up. Moreover, Clint’s parents have been known to get him out of trouble. In addition to it, they have a lot of money and can easily bail him out from troubled prison time. As for Tracie, she and Clint were desperate to sell their stuff for cash.

Love After Lockup: No Hints On Social Media

Both Clint and Tracie have been off social media since the day they got arrested. They haven’t posted anything on social media since their arrest. She had a relapse and sadly, couldn’t remain sober outside of jail. Tracie was on drugs just a week before she got arrested. Clint last posted on 21st July. The picture had a dog and the two of them. The caption said ‘true love.’ Tracie has gotten into a lot of trouble. At one point, she even broke up with Clint only to beg for his love later. Clint’s family has been warning him of how toxic this relationship is.

Considering that Tracie is a repeat offender, it is hard to determine how long she will manage to stay out of jail. Do you think she has any scope of redemption and starting a new life free of crimes? Also, will she check into rehab after her relapse? Let us know in the comments below.

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