Love After Lockup: Tracie Responds To Her Haters On Facebook

Love After Lockup

If we speak of the top Love After Lockup target for fans, the award will definitely go to Tracie Wagaman. Recently, the reality TV star admitted on social media that she smokes crack. After the posting of some objectionable picture, viewers suspected that she was back to the pipe. Plus the fact that she lost a couple of pounds didn’t help curb the drug addiction accusations. Her recent pictures reveal that Tracie has lost weight since the filming began.

Fans think this sudden loss of weight is an indication of the reality star being dragged back into the vicious cycle of drugs. There is already enough hype about Tracie and her unpleasant encounters with the police. The internet is filled with critics highlighting the negative aspects of her personality. It seems like she can’t take it anymore and is ready to answer back.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Firing Back at Haters

Tracie has accepted that she smokes crack as a recreation. This means she obviously does not consider the activity to be wrong. But, of course, fans have a totally different take on the situation. Viewers have been criticizing her actions lately, and now she has fired back. She accused supporters that they only follow her on social media to talk s**t about her afterward. Tracie mentions that none of the hate is going to drag her down.

Love After Lockup

She even says that they can take all the screenshots and post it wherever they want. None of this bothers her. Moreover, she ends the post with a note of sympathy for the addicts. Tracie tells them to go about it day by day. As for the haters, she uses a few choice words and ends the post with #mfcrack. Whether she is bragging her drug situation or criticizing it is still unclear.

Love After Lockup Fans Are Giving Out Mixed Reactions

Tracie has altered the settings of the post on Facebook, making it public. The post has been receiving mixed reactions from the viewers since the day it went live. She has always had her fair share of supporters and haters. Some say that this is a classic sign of her attention seeking behavior. One of the critics stated that admitting her actions doesn’t make them noble. He also pointed out the fact that she robbed her own husband and put him into massive debt.

Clint hasn’t given any statement regarding this post. Some fans mentioned that haters will always hate and Tracie should ignore them.

Is Tracie Playing a Game Here?

Tracie has admitted on the show that she has trouble staying out of the bars. She is a repeated offender and her being so open about smoking crack is something that has taken the audience by surprise.

What do you think Tracie is trying to pull off here? Considering her frequent encounters with the police, will she manage to stay out of trouble for long? Let us know in the comments below.


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