‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Makes Shocking Revelation About Her Life

Love After Lockup

The love story of Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady from the show “Love After Lockup” has always been a little rocky. Tracie and her constant encounters with the law state that she has a difficult time staying out of jail. On their wedding night, she literally stole Clint’s car to take drugs. Since the day this incident happened, fans have been wondering whether she is back to taking drugs. She publically admitted that she is used to smoking crack just for recreational purposes!

Love After Lockup: Is Tracie Back To Drugs?

Recently Tracie posted some of her pictures on social media. It appears as though she has lost a lot of weight. This is the main reason why most fans believe that she is back to using drugs. Some viewers went a step further and mentioned that she prefers crack as her number one choice for weight loss. We don’t know for sure the reason behind her looking a lot thinner in the pictures. But certainly, her admitting to smoking crack and looking way too slim can’t be just another coincidence.

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She also says that she is not on parole. January 3rd was the last day she put halt to her recent jail sprint. She wrote on a Twitter post being as clear as possible that she is into smoking crack. A wise move would be to not make a public announcement of illegal activity. By using the #passtheipe, she emphasized that she is back to the pipe again.

Love After Lockup: Is Clint Brady Caught Up In a Series Of Unfortunate Events?

If Tracie is back to smoking the pipe, apparently, it leaves poor Clint out in the cold. He admitted on the show that he has his head on her lap while she was getting high. Is he just madly in love with her or there is more to this story we can’t see? Chances are that he might be a bystander who is innocent about what is going on. This reminds us of a classic situation involving Scott and Lizzie. Scott kept funding her drug addiction while she was behind bars. Is this a similar situation?

On the show, it seems that Clint has completely been smitten by his significant other. In his eyes, she can do no wrong. Even when she stole his car for drugs, he kept mum. Despite Tracie’s law violating tendencies, their relationship is still intact. It seems like he is letting her get away with her wrongdoings. Even though fans don’t have any clue how this is all working out, somehow, they are still together.

Love After Lockup: Clint Doesn’t Smoke

When asked by fans whether Clint smokes, he stated that he has never smoked crack before. Nor he has any intentions of starting to do so. What do you think of the pair and their dynamics? Will the love spell break owing to all this drug abuse? Let us know in the comments below.


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