Married At First Sight: Are Luke & Kate Still Together After Decision Day?

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight stars Kate and Luke are the types of the couple with whom things haven’t been clear for long. Luke was pretty open telling Kate that he wasn’t attracted to her. Kate was the only one making all the efforts in this relationship. Apart from fans, even Kate’s friends feel that she is not happy with Luke. So, after this long roller coaster ride, are they still together after the decision day? Let’s take a look.

Married At First Sight: Luke And Kate’s Social Media

If we try to find out their current status via social media, it won’t be easy to do so as both their accounts are private. However, one incident that can hint the couple of calling it quits is that they weren’t standing next to each other in the reunion episode. Although, Married At First Sight fans might be seeing too much into it. Maybe, this doesn’t mean anything.

If Kate was to heed to her friends’ advice, the couple is probably not together. They don’t like what Kate has turned into after she married Luke.

Kate’s Close Friends Open Up About Her Situation

Some of Kate’s friends, especially those who are close to her pointed out that if Luke recognizes her drinking problem, he shouldn’t be encouraging it. Putting wine in the refrigerator won’t help her. One of her friends wanted to ensure that it should be Luke who Kate should like, not one of his ideas.

Another friend pointed out that Luk is not very considerate of Kate. He asked her not to reveal personal conversations in front of the camera but he went behind her back and talked about the drinking problem. Her friends have seen that he drinks as much as she does. Moreover, he is stifling the whole situation instead of helping Kate grow. She also asked Kate whether Luke has ever apologized for his hurtful behavior.

At this point, Kate couldn’t defend Luke in front of her friends. All she could say was that it was a really good point and something to think about.

Kate Admitted To Being Broken Married To Luke

When Kate talked about their sex life with the experts, she knew that Luke wasn’t going to take it lightly. That car ride home was the saddest day of their short married life together, according to Kate. At that point, she felt that Luke broke her. She opened up to the experts about the issues she was having in her marriage. She told Luke that it would have given them a better idea of whether they should be together. But when the confrontation happened, she felt like Luke was attacking her when he once again accused her of her drinking problem.

Despite the cold treatment, Kate says that there is a part of Luke she really likes. Luke has also mentioned that he is attracted to some things Kate does. What do you think is going to happen amidst all this confusion? Let us know in the comments below.


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Kate, I hope you ran like hell. You’ve been emotionally abused since day one (which disgusts me that the experts let go on) and I hope you cut bait and fly into the arms of someone who can be true to you and supportive of you. If you stay with Luke, you’ll be miserable 90% of your marriage. Love yourself enough to move on. Good luck. Stephanie, same advice. AJ’s anger issues are out of control. He’s spoiled and selfish. You are a wonderful person and I hope you find someone who is as thoughtful and open as you are.… Read more »


Totally agree! Luke has been a jerk to Kate from the very beginning. When he said he felt dead inside and repulsive kissing her, she should have got up and told him Go to hell! And yes, the experts should have pulled them apart in the very first week. It would have surely boosted the ratings and only fair to a beautiful, lovely young woman who has so much to offer someone. And the drinking thing….who wouldn’t need a drink when being married to that asshole!