Married At First Sight: Dr. Schwartz Points Out The Change In Kate Sisk

Married at first sight spoilers

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Kate and Luke’s marriage is one hell of the biggest mistakes that have ever happened on the show. “Married At First Sight” leaves it in the hands of experts to pick partners for contestants. Luke is clearly not attracted to Kate. Moreover, he has made the same clear using some pretty harsh comments. It has come to the point that this whole thing has started to change Kate. She is losing the light inside her. This is causing Dr. Pepper Schwartz to get worried about how this marriage is changing her for the worse.

What Does Dr. Pepper Schwartz Have To Say About Kate?

When Dr. Pepper Schwartz first met Kate, she was happy and bubbly. She easily opened up, and her personality had a spark. Now what agitates her is that Kate has not been herself since the day she married Luke. Even though she has been fully dedicated to this relationship, Kate hasn’t gotten the same in return. Moreso, constant negative comments from Luke must have broken her from the inside.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz told Kate that a marriage is supposed to make you feel elated and bring the best of a personality. She finds the absence of this feeling very discouraging.

Marriage At First Sight: Kate’s Confession Regarding Her Marriage

Kate has made statements regarding her marriage with Luke. Her confession included the exact words “roller coaster”. That is what she calls the entire process. When she talks to her friends, they tell her that it’s just the first step. It is a long way to go afterward. The Married at First Sight star from season 8, Kristine Killingsworth also joined Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Kate. She is happily married to her partner.

Kristine explained to her that there is just too much drama at the beginning of their relationship. Then Jamie asks her how he makes her feel. Kate replies that Luke is willing to make this work. So, she can’t just give up before giving her best. This is the main reason why they are still together. Dr. Pepper Schwartz thought this action as a highly commendable one and made it clear that every contestant should adopt this attitude.

Not giving up on a relationship without giving your best is certainly something to appreciate. But do you think Kate is dragging this too much? The opinions of viewers are of course, variable. Some think she is right for not accepting defeat. However, some would say that Luke is being unreasonable and dishonest about his preferences. He has also tried to gaslight Kate in the past by accusing her of drinking problems. Married At First Sight star Kate has certainly taken a turn for the worse. And her marriage to Luke is clearly the reason why. What do you think? Should the couple continue to mend their differences or Kate should just call it quits and live her life? Let us know in the comments below.