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Married At First Sight: Dr. Schwartz Points Out The Change In Kate Sisk

Married at first sight spoilers
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  1. James Morris says:

    The counselors on this show need to step in and stop the relationship between Luke the puke and Kate. He is literally destroying her and this is going to affect her for ever. Even Luke’s Mother is a jerk she developed this pathetic little child “Luke”. If she were a real Mom she should be telling Luke all the hateful spiteful words are NOT necessary. He will never have a good relationship. How on earth Pastor can you let this continue, to have Luke beat Kate up week after week. This has got to Stop!! Luke and his Mother are pathetic. Thank You Mom for making a monster.

    1. viewer says:

      I agree 100% with your comments James. I think Luke is too much of a coward to admit that he is gay. I think this was done as a way to promote his business. I am disgusted with the experts for allowing this to go on for so long for ratings. Kate seems like such a fantastic person and she certainly doesn’t deserve this. I hope she files for an annulment. Shame on MAFS!!!

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