Married At First Sight Spoilers: Are Luke and Kate Still Together In 2019?

Married at first sight spoilers

As fans know, things have been kind of unstable between Luke and Kate, the famous Married At First Sight couple. The other couples on the show seem to have enjoyed their time on the honeymoon as newlyweds. But somehow, Kate and Luke are facing difficulties in making a connection. This makes fans wonder whether their marriage is still intact.

In an Unfiltered episode, Kate revealed that she has been extremely frustrated with her partner. Her jealousy was evident when she stated outright that she was envious of the other wives on the show. The other share a similar sense of humor and are pretty affectionate which lacks in Kate and Luke’s relationship.

Also, in an interview, Kate opened up about their relationship. She spoke about the worst case scenario which can come as a shock to viewers from across the globe. Let us take a detailed look at what Kate has to offer to Married At First Sight fans.

Luke’s First Impression To Kate

When Kate was asked about Luke’s first impression, she said she doesn’t understand why they picked him for her. There are many eligible bachelors out there in Philadelphia. There is a chance that she hasn’t met the right one yet.

Married At First Sight: What Is The Worst Case Scenario With Kate And Luke?

In any relationship, the best case scenario is to last a lifetime. A commitment that can give others serious relationship goals can also be considered the best case scenario. Speaking of which, a happily ever after ending is the best that fans can think of for Kate and Luke. However, in some cases, people can have ulterior motives for building relationships on reality TV. Fame is one of the most significant factors that drive people towards something they are actually not interested in.

When Kate was asked about the worst case scenario, she responded that fame could be it. If her husband didn’t get married due to the search for true love, fame could have led him to this.

Married At First Sight: Were The Experts Wrong?

Kate mentioned that she had been completely honest in her interview. When asked whether the experts made a mistake, she said that if Luke has been as honest as her, then the experts are right. In Luke, she has got what she wants from husband of her dreams.

Luke is also a big adventure freak. Kate stated that she would love to explore his passions and go skydiving with him.

Wrapping It Up

As for now, we can say that Kate’s statements give somewhat mixed signals. They are not separate, yet the story is not a fairytale. Luke and Kate’s marriage is a classic example of two people who are yet to know each other well. What do you think will happen when everything is out in the open? Will Kate and Luke get to walk off in the sunset together? Let us know what you think in the comments below.