‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Announces Big Pregnancy News In The Family, Kody Says He Won’t Have Kids Anymore

Sister Wives

Sister Wives family has a big pregnancy news announcement. Madison’s son is going to be a big brother, and she is six to eight weeks pregnant! The entire family is excited, and this has finally got Kody to say that he might not want to have more babies. Let’s take a look.

Sister Wives: Madison’s Pregnancy Announcement

The news came when someone was opening a box for Madison’s eldest son. A T-shirt came out of it with the words, ‘I’m going to be a big brother’ written on it. Kody says that he is really surprised and grateful for the blessing. He also said that he feels like stop having kids now. In the confession, Kody points out that he realizes that his wives might be wanting to stop giving birth to more kids. However, for him, ceasing to become a father is still weird. It’s a good thing that Madison’s pregnancy might change that.

Sister Wives: What Do The Fans Have To Say About This?

It seems like the entire attention of fans on Robyn. Speaking of attention, they think that Robyn is not getting any in this case, and she doesn’t look happy about it. They point out that in the confessional, she is barely able to fake a smile. In fact, one fan calls her an obstruction to the family, not a positive addition.

According to another fan, Robyn likes to be in a place where she is the only one having a special bond with Kody. It was possible when she was the only one who could expand his family. But now, she doesn’t seem happy about the fact that Kody doesn’t want to father any more kids. Earlier, we saw Kody being really sad about the possibility of not having any more kids of his own.

Sister Wives: Robin Blames Kids For Acting Like Jerks To Kody

Kody talked about wanting to have more kids. Since then, the kids have been jerks to him. Robin claims that his baby talk is the reason why. She defends her husband by saying that he merely pointed out that he is young enough to keep having kids. He has also suggested that all the wives live under one roof again. Of course, as usual, this isn’t going well for him. But the fact that he wants one cabin for himself is alarming.

Sister Wives star Janelle pointed out the irony of Kody wanting to have his own place. According to her, he already knows that things are not going to work out with everyone living together. Where do you think the Brown family is headed? Let us know in the comments below.

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