‘Sister Wives’: Kody Again Emphasizes All WIves Should Live Together, Hints On Fifth Wife?

Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is feeling lonely and he has again emphasized that all his wives should live together in one home. In the past, all of his wives have been reluctant. In fact, no one even gave this a second thought. He also pointed out that he might not be so lonely if he had one wife from his hometown. Let’s take a look at this in detail.

Sister Wives: Lonely Kody Expresses His Feelings, Fans Bash Him

Kody says that during a presentation, he felt really lonely. He has mentioned that this would not be the case if he had one wife from his hometown. Now, we have already heard the rumor that Kody is on the lookout for adding more wives to the family. So, it is highly probable that he either already has been eying a potential wife from his hometown, or he might be willing to make a fifth addition really soon.

Fans point out that it’s really unfair for his wives and that Kody makes everything all about him. They accuse him of sleeping with four women and holding his wives responsible for household work. Some other users accused him of not listening to the wives and imposing his opinions on them.

Sister Wives: What Do The Wives Have To Say About This?

Christine says that there are many ways in which plural families choose to live. Some like to live together while some live separately. Sho goes on to say that living separately works for them. Fans say that they hardly seem like a family and that they are only sharing a man. It’s because they all seem really divided. Some say that since they are married to a family, it’s better that they live together.

Meri also took to Twitter to share her response. She took a humorous approach to point out something that Kody always says. However, her statement implies that what he says about having no wife from his hometown doesn’t make sense to the rest of the wives. She said that Kody says that he doesn’t have a home since he doesn’t have a woman from his hometown. But that doesn’t live down among the ladies.

Sister Wives

Again, the comments section got flooded with Kody’s haters spewing harsh statements. Most fans said that she was better off when she was living in Vegas alone for six months. As for the entire family living under one roof, there are mixed reactions. Some say that they should live together as a family. On the other hand, some are of the opinion that they should have their own space. Stay tuned for more news on Sister Wives.

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