Sister Wives: Kody Confirms A Fifth Wive, Not The One Fans Were Expecting

Sister Wives

Sister Wives: There is a debate going on in the Brown family. It’s about Kody’s fifth wife. It seems like Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn admitted to Kody having a fifth wife. Let’s take a detailed look at this.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Wives Outed Him In Front of The Audience

For a long time, we have been seeing the picture of a woman circulating around. According to speculations, she is supposedly Kody’s fifth wife. But according to Kody’s other wives, this woman is in no way in the conversation. In fact, the sister wives say that his mane is his fifth wife. Since Kody spends so much time with his hair, the co-spouses have started calling them his fifth wife.

He adores his hair, that causes a lot of chatter. Over the last season, we have seen him wearing his hair in different forms. Whenever someone compliments Kody’s hair, he goes pink with a blush. In fact, we have seen him gushing over his hairdo for a long time.

His fondness with his hair prompted the wives to actually go ahead and make a video named “Ode to Kody’s Hair.” The video portrays the ups and downs his hair has to face. Even the follicle seems covered in the video. However, Kody straightaway refuses that his hair is like a fifth wife to him. Well, that’s an interesting turn of events.

Sister Wives: This Is What Kody Calls His Fifth Wife

Kody Brown also agrees to have a fifth wife. However, he says that it’s not his hair. According to Kody, his fifth wife is his sports car. We all know how he looked like a bachelor riding in that car all by himself. Since the show began, his wives have been keeping his interest ahead of them. No wonder, Christine’s aunt called the concept highly male-dominated.

There was a time the wives adored how Kody made up his hair before leaving the house. However, as the episodes progressed, we saw them just waiting for him to get ready. Earlier, no one used to voice their say in most matters. But as we can see, now, Meri is flaunting an independent lifestyle. She has a successfully running business without Kody involved in any way.

The recent news about the new season is that we will see Meri and Kody work on their relationship. He has been spending most of his time with Robyn. On the other hand, Meri has been detaching herself from the family as often as she can. Only now that the new season is going to be out, we can see some family pictures. Stay tuned for the latest Sister Wives news.

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