‘Sister Wives’: Lackluster Response to Meri’s Offer Confuses Fans

Sister Wives

From the past few years, Sister Wives star Meri has felt like an outsider to her own family. A while back, Kody and Meri started to develop more and more troubles in their relationship. It all started when Kody divorced Meri to marry Robyn legally to adopt her kids. After that, Kody and Meri even stopped spending their nights together. 

Recently, the behavior of the rest of the wives to Meri made it more obvious that they might really be considering her an outcast. Let’s take a look at what went down in the recent episode in detail.

Sister Wives: Robyn Spilled The Bad News

Robyn and Kody got some bad news for the family. They revealed that Robyn’s landlord is selling the rental house and she has to move to a new place. The Brown family had been moving a lot lately since they uprooted their lives in Las Vegas. The lack of stability has been both physically and mentally exhausting for the family. However, apart from Robyn having to move all the way to a new place, there was another problem. 

Robyn’s current rental house is the place where the Brown family has all their family gatherings. Christine pointed it out, and it left the others a bit worried. However, Meri tried to calm things down by offering her place for family gatherings. We know that she has a huge place all to herself, and there is a lot of unused space in the house. 

Awkward Moment Between The Wives, No Proper Response To Meri’s Offer, Fans Wonder Why

When Meri gave the offer, Robyn pointed out that her place is great. Janelle added that maybe they can have the gatherings there. But she said that with complete uncertainty. There was an awkward silence for some time. The producers later asked Meri whether she wanted to add more comments to this, and she said no. However, the expressions on her face clearly revealed that she was sad. 

Sister Wives

Fans were also upset about the reaction of the Sister Wives to Meri’s offer. One fan said that she offered a temporary solution, and the reaction of the others was rude. 

Sister Wives: Meri Still having Issues With The Family

Meri and Kody started to have marital issues long back. Moreover, she began feeling left out of the family when her only child Mariah left for college. The other wives have at least 5 biological children of their own. However, Meri doesn’t have any child left with her. 

When she got caught up in an emotional affair with someone that turned out to be a catfish, Meri and Kody’s relationship further came on the decline. Others felt bad for her and said that this doesn’t feel like a plural family at all. In fact, one Twitter user directly approached Kody with the question and asked why no one responded to such a generous offer. Sound off your thoughts about the Sister Wives’ reaction to Meri’s offer in the comments below.