‘Sister Wives Season 14’: Browns Ensuring Their Family Is Complete, Are They Planning More Kids?

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The Sister Wives family might not be done after so many kids after all! In the latest episode, Kody threw light on the possibility that his youngest kids might not be the last of his progeny. In fact, Robyn has also not closed any doors on Ariana being the last kid of the Brown family. Let’s take a look at this in detail.

Sister Wives: Kody Compares His Approach To His Friends

Kody says that his friends are already prepared for an empty nest. However, he reveals that he has not been that person. He has always wanted to be a dad. Now that he thinks he might be having the last kid, Kody is freaking out. In a confessional, Kody said that by the time Ari would cease to be daddy’s little girl, he is going to be 70. However, he is not sure that she is the last of the Brown kids. To him, it is weird that he might not have more kids.

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In Robyn’s confessional, she said that Kody thinks of himself as young enough to have more kids. The couple is hoping that their family is complete. They are also trying to think that there is no spirit in heaven, waiting to be born into their family. They are trying to make sure that Ari is the last one.

Sister Wives: Janelle Highlights The Teachings Of Their Faith

Janelle weighed in on this matter and informed fans about their faith in her confessional. She said that according to their faith the family hs a pre-destiny. She went on to say that they choose in which family they wish to be before their birth. They feel a calling to ensure that their families are complete when they have kids. She had something like this with Savanah, her daughter.

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Sister Wives: Robyn Not Having any more Kids?

Robyn had a really difficult pregnancy last time. She gained a lot of weight. Moreover, it is really tough for her to lose all that weight considering the severity of her breathing problems. Her friend Kendra straightaway revealed that Robyn is not having any more kids. However, Kody and Robyn beg to differ on this matter.

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Robyn and Kody feel like Ari is their last kid. But that doesn’t mean that they have closed all doors to a possible pregnancy. According to Robyn, they are open to God’s inspiration. This means that there is still room for the thought of another baby of Kody and Robyn. Moreover, Kody has been spending a lot of time since the last season of Sister Wives ended. What do you think their plan is? Let us know in the comments below.

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